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I get this a lot, “Suits are formal wears and shouldn’t in any way be paired with casual foot wears such as sneakers”. Yeah, yeah, I somewhat agree, but to add a little twist to it, I would respond to that…with a question…okay?
Are you aware that some formal wears such as suits can be combined and worn in such as a manner that you’ll eventually come up with a smart casual or casual look perfect for a non-formal occasion?

Now, if you don’t agree with me, I’ll suggest you kindly read through this short article [with an open mind] and let’s attempt to answer the question again later. Hope that’s okay by you? Alright…Great!
Now, one more question but don’t worry, it’s for me to answer…
Can you rock a tailored suit with a sneakers?
Yes, you can wear casual sneakers with your tailored suit…but please note there are a few things to consider before trying this out, these includes the Type of Sneakers, The Colour and Type of Suit, The Fit (most especially the pant length) and The Occasion.
Let’s now look at these elements one after another as we establish some ground rules:

1. The Fit
Before you even think of wearing sneakers with your suit, ensure your suit is tailored to perfection. With that said, an off-the-rack suit won’t be suitable in this case. For the jacket: ensure they are fitted to your body with no loose sides.
For the pants: go for slim cut pants as against the loose or baggy cut. Also avoid the Deep Break, Half Break or Quarter Break/Slight Break, you should be looking for pants with No break.

2. The Suit

As already mentioned above – Go for a
tailored suit and avoid off-the-rack suit when trying to go for the sneakers-suit combination. Avoid formally structured suit, you don’t want it to seem as if you forgot your oxford shoes at home. With a well-tailored suit, you will look trendy.
For the type of suit : You could go for a single breasted or double breasted suit; But you should avoid wearing it with a pin stripe suit.
In terms of color – as much as possible avoid the entirely dark formal color such as black, instead go for colors with light tones/shades such as beige, gray (both dark and light), blue, burgundy, various shades of navy etc. But still don’t forget point number four (4) below.

3. The Sneakers
Not all types of sneakers are appropriate with your suit. Although you find some people that try to pull off this look with colorful sneakers, it doesn’t always go too well. The key here is to keep it classy by rocking white sneakers with white laces, they are the most suit-friendly sneakers. Some other examples of classic kicks you can pair with your suit look include Adidas Stan Smith, Converse, All Stars etc. Here are a few casual footwear options to wear with your suit

4. The Occasion – When To Wear It
Keep in mind the appropriate dress code and event, when incorporating sneakers in your suit look. You can rock the sneaker-suit combination to semi-formal occasions, occasions that require smart casual look, fashion week or to bars after work. If you’re going to a wedding, job interview, or funeral it might not be so appropriate to adopt this look. If you also work in establishments that allow you to dress down every day of the week, you could adopt this look for situations whereby you have serious meetings as against going for a down-right casual look. You should however avoid this if you work in strict corporate environment, for instance if you are a banker or a lawyer, this look isn’t for your office environment.

There you have it – 4 Tips on Wearing Sneakers With A Suit, now go on and try them out, yeah I know it’s very risky but I believe you will look effortlessly suave rocking it!
With that said, I’ll ask my question again
Are your aware that some formal wears such as suits can be combined and worn in such as a way that you’ll eventually come up with a smart casual or casual look perfect for a non-formal occasion?

I bet you already know the answer by now. YES

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