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Until he turned 65 they called him “loser”, but his end inspires many!


Until he turned 65 they called him “loser”, but his end inspires many!

The story of this man starts sadly. He messed up his life from the start of it. But the end is rather shocking and inspiring. Watch it and understand: never is too late!

His father died when he was just a boy. By the age of 20, he was married, divorced, lost his child and got fired from all kinds of jobs. Does not sound very promising, right? Would you think he got smarter growing up in age? No, he did not.

By the age 65, he was about to commit suicide because of how many opportunities he has missed in his life. Luckily there was just one thing he was good at. But is it too late to start in your 60s, when others reap the harvest of their young years?

He proved it was not! The man’s name is Harland Sanders, and we all know him as the Colonel Sanders, millionaire and the founder of the KFC.

He founded his little business being 65. He went from door to door, selling the delicious fried chicken to his neighbors and he died a wealthy man, whose wildest dreams have come true!

Hear the story now.
This man is the source of inspiration to all of us. He has wasted much, but he gained even more! He inspires us.

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