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A lot of us are obsessed with white sneakers and if there is anything to be said about them is that they are one of the most versatile shoes anyone can own. Keeping white sneakers clean is a major feat that a lot of people take quite seriously, even the smallest piece of dirt worries you and you get annoyed if someone steps on them. Now, that’s a common fear among people who adore white sneakers. I’ve got two pairs myself and I’m assuming that you have at least a pair too which you always try to protect from mud, stains and dirt.

They just look so good that we can’t afford to go out with them dirty. That’s why it’s important for us to keep them in good condition at all times by cleaning them at least once a week, if not more. I’ve made a lot of mistakes when it comes to cleaning my white sneakers, until I learnt how to do it appropriately. With that in mind, I give you the guide to cleaning and keeping clean, white sneakers.

What You Need
In order to clean your sneakers properly, you need to stack up on some products before you start, here are they – Shoe Cleaner, Shoe Cleaning Brush, Microfibre Towel and Repel Spray

Keep scrolling for the 4 steps to keep your white sneakers sparkling and clean!

•Preparing for cleaning•
Before you start the cleaning, you should remove the laces, tap the sneakers on each other just to remove excessive dirt and dust. Give them a wipe with a damp cloth just to clean that extra layer of dirt. After you are done let them dry for a minute.

Dip the shoe brush into water, then apply few drops of the shoe cleaner liquid and gently brush on the surface of the shoe until foam forms. For a harder to get places or some more delicate areas, use a toothbrush. After that give the shoe a wipe with your microfiber towel to remove the stains. Repeat the process as needed, then allow the shoe to air dry. For canvas shoes give the towel a little twist when removing the foam from the shoes to help to remove the stains.

•Taking care of the laces•
It`s best if you put new laces just to give a fresh look of the shoes. This is always a great idea, although washing them will also do the job. To do this, let the laces soak in warm water and washing powder for about an hour. Bring them out and allow them to dry, then lace them on.

After you have cleaned the shoes and let them dry its time for the final step. Go outside and put the shoes close to each other. Spray them with a protective repel spray and let them dry according to the instructions on the spray you use. Put back the laces and store them in their box to keep them away from the dust from your other shoes.

Final Words

Now that you have accomplished all steps you have squeaky clean sneakers to kick ass with. Remember to keep them away from rain, mud and all dirty places. Share with us what cleaning tricks you use and how you keep your sneakers clean and on point in the comment section below.

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