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Some Core Questions You Should Ask In A Job Interview


Some Core Questions You Should Ask In A Job Interview

The interview process especially the oral phase is usually dreaded by not just a few job seekers especially if you are a fist time job seeker who unknowingly has been making this Heinous Job Search Mistakes. The truth remains you are probably seeing the oral phase as a one-way street with the interviewer holding all the cards. Most times as an applicant, you are qualified for the position but the interviewer/recruiter upon meeting you is disillusioned due to his inability to match the person on paper with the person in front of him.

This “habit “of not asking questions is enough to make you not to Get A Call Back From the Interview even after avoiding these top 5 CV mistakes. You are also interviewing them to see if their company is the right one for you. It is true that you are in a dire need of a job but getting any kind of job is not all that matters but one you can grow career wise same way you don’t buy any kind of car simply because you need a car.

Outside this, asking questions showcase your interest in the job and the company and a sure way to make a final impression and put yourself in a better light if you hadn’t perform well during the interview. Know this, personally, I strongly recommend that you must ask at least one or two of these questions as not doing so depicts you as someone who hasn’t done his home work. In lieu of this, Ladies and Gents, here are the first five questions you ought to ask in a job interview if you are to stand any chance of landing your dream job.

Do You Have Any Hesitations about My Qualifications?

No matter how professional and the number of years the interviewers must have accumulated, this single question must surely put an expression on their faces. A great question that really depicts you as a confident person it is. Even if your interviewers say NO, the look on their faces is the cue you need to get the right answer. With this question, you have one last chance to present yourself more hirable as you can easily tell them about your plans of improving on your qualifications if employed.

Who Previously Held This Position?
I can hear you asking yourself “what’s my business with who previously held this post”. It is your business at the same time not your business. Don’t forget you are not just there to get hired. You are also interviewing them to know if the company is the best for you. Nobody wants to work in a company that fires staff every month. This question will easily let you know if the person previously occupying the position was fired or promoted. Even if the person was fired, at this moment it’s not your business. Your business is to be employed. When employed you will definitely have the time to find out why the other person was fired and get clues on how to avoid such pitfalls.

What have You Enjoyed Most about Working Here?
I will recommend this as the first question to be asked as this allows the interviewer to connect with you on a personal term. This inadvertently makes you feel more relaxed as the interviewer discusses what he/she relishes about the company. This will also give you an insight about how satisfied they are with their job. An interviewer who enjoys his job and what he does will hardly wait for you to finish before taking over from you but in a case he or she is unwilling to talk about it, the answer is already boldly written. There is no job satisfaction. A typical example of such nice recruiters who wouldn’t mind spending the whole day to talk about what they enjoy about their work is John of Acegoals
What Core Skills and Experience Would make me an Ideal Candidate?

This is a two-way question that would simply make the interviewer state what they are looking for. If the interviewer mention something you didn’t cover yet, now is the time to wrap things up presenting yourself better. In other words, you have a live line to set things right if you previously didn’t do this.

What is the Next Step in the Process? There is no better way to wrap things up than asking this question. Even if you didn’t ask any other question, you MUST ask this. This simply show that you are interested in moving along with the process. You will also get to know if that is the only stage in the interview process and with luck on your side, you might simply hear “You are hired”

Wait !!!, Don’t Leave Yet

This is the first part in this series and definitely you have other questions interviewees do ask , sharing them with other readers would be a great idea.

Do you have an upcoming interview or you have a friend who does? why not help them boost their chances of success by sharing this post with them.

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