He pounded away.
It was the same way he did it every time…pull my
clothes, pull his trousers…suck my Tips and tell
me how beautiful I am before he starts
pounding. I looked at him with his eyes closed
and wondered what must have made me like
It definitely wasn’t his money; I was a lot
richer than him….maybe it was because he was
I looked at him as he closed his eyes and beads
of sweat formed above his brows; all I could
wish for was for his to cum on time.
Today was to special for me to stop him
Suddenly he let out that all too familiar groan
that signaled his much awaited release. His hold
on the top of the mattress beside my head
became firmer, and then he started his epileptic-
like movement as he came.
Acho: Tee, you are so sweet
Me: get up, I have to clean myself, hope your
bathroom is clean. Running water?
Acho: Yes it is.
He made himself a cup of milo as I strode along
to the bathroom.
Me: So how was your trip to Oshogbo on
Acho: it was okay, my friends send their
regards. So where will we go to tonight?
Me: nowhere, I will be going home.
Acho: but its, Friday, no lectures now, lets go
and eat fish.
Me: I heard about you and yewande, that you
guys have been boinking all over.
I came out of the bathroom, headed into his
kitchen to see if I could eat something.
Immediately he joined me in the kitchen with
rage in his eyes
Acho: I cant believe you are listening to all
those bad-belle people that want to see us
apart. Wicked and jobless people.
Me: Heartless people!
Acho: you know its only you..
His arms were around me, he started kissing my
neck, I could feel his dick starting to get hard
Acho: You know I can never do that to us, I am
so lucky to have you.
Me: awwwww adorable.
Acho: so will you go out tonight with me?
Me: How did you happen to be at Oshogbo and
Ijebu-ode together?
Acho: I don’t understand you.
Me: My uncle owns an hotel in Ijebu-ode, my
cousin is the manager. He saw you come in on
Wednesday. He still recognizes you from my
birthday party.
Acho: he must be mistaken, I wasn’t at ijebu-
ode. He cant be too sure, many people look like
Me: anyways, he said he was sure you were
gonna deny so he snapped you from a distance,
while you were beside the pool with a lady.
I brought out my phone and showed him the
Me: that is your favorite shorts yeah?…i dunno
why you like it sef
Acho was speechless for a while, he wanted
totalk but the words seemed elusive.
Me: don’t worry…we are cool.
Acho: I am so sorry, I love you. She was all over
me and i…
Me: don’t worry, I understand. Sometimes I can
be a difficult gf.
Acho: Tee, we can get through this…I swear it
was a one time thing..
Me: is that yewande? She has nice boobs oh..
hope you didn’t tweak her Tips too much like you
do mine? I tell you that poo hurts..
Acho: babe, stop naa, you are scaring me.
Me: relax Acho..
Acho: if you knew since Wednesday, why are you
just telling me now, why allow me make love to
Me: first, that wasn’t love making, it was just
se*x, secondly, I rather break up with you to your
Acho: babe please…what will I be without you?
I laughed, there was nothing edible in his
Me: now that we have confirmed that you didn’t
use the 20k I gave you in Oshogbo, can I have it
back? Except you used it for Ijebu-ode..then I
Acho sat down on his mattress, he looked
Me: see me off to the bus-stop, its time for me to
Acho: babe, is it really over….i mean just like
Me: Yes bae…
I wasn’t sad about the break-up, being single
was something I felt was right for me at this
moment in time. Moreover, the student union
government elections were around the corner,
Abayomi wanted to be the President and had
approached me to be his vice.
Not like I agreed with all his policies or was really
crazy about being elected, I saw it as an
opportunity to do something’s differently,
another icing in the cake is that no igbo-girl had
been the vice- president of the school. I liked
breaking bounds.
Checking my phone as I got home, I saw 22
missed calls from my Acho, 1 from my dad, and
some bbm and whatsapp messages.
I called my dad.
Me: goodevening daddy
Dad: evening dear, how are you?
Me: I am fine, I got the alert, thank you.
Dad: when are you coming home? It’s been two
months since we saw you, abi lagos they bite
Me: dad, you know exams starts in 2 months, I
can’t miss any lectures now.
Dad: this has to do with that election abi, your
sister told me. Why not just focus on your
studies? Remember your school is in the
southwest, you don’t stand a chance.
Me: I also know I am a student of the school,
with all the qualifications to run for electable
Dad: I hear it’s very violent during elections,
cultists and all
Me: I am not a cultist so they have no problem
with me.
Dad: okay o, hold on for your mother..
Mum: Tana, my are you?
Me: I am good mum.
Mum: how are your studies, what of Acho?
Me: studies is good, I and Acho have broken-up.
Mum: what happened? I like that boy o..very
Does Yewande’s mum utter the same rubbish
wherever she is? I thought to myself
Me: I just wanna focus on school now, boys
have too much wahala
Mum: that’s good my dear, make sure you go for
mass too, only degrees won’t take you to heaven
Me: I know ma..mum I have to go now, my
indomie is burning..
I felt a pinch of guilt for lying to her, but I had to.
She could talk on the phone for hours, I wasn’t
in the mood for that now.
I went to the kitchen to make myself some
creamy lunch made of cereals when my phone
rang, I made up my mind to ignore the call if it
was my mum. That woman can worry somebody
It was Abayomi.
Abayomi: We are to meet some people for
fund raising this evening, please you have to be
Me: where?
Abayomi: Babis
Me: okay, I will be there boss.
Abayomi: you can bring your boyfriend.
Me: you mean Yewande’s boyfriend..
Abayomi: I don’t understand.
Me: he was bleeping her at my back
Abayomi: that guy ehn, people can be silly can he cheat on somebody like you. If
you had agreed to date me when we were in 100
level, all this rubbish….
Me: how is Toun my friend? I am sure you would
never cheat on her
Abayomi: that you are single…
Me: how is Kofo?
Abayomi: why are you asking me about Kofo?
Me: because I know you have been bleeping her
behind your girlfriend.
Abayomi: chai, who told you?
Me: I have my sources
Abayomi: me and Kofo are just close friends, you
know she helps with our campaign?
Me: by bleeping everybody to vote for
Abayomi: you know I hate you abi?
Me: I know Abayomi, but its only me that tells
you the truth. Toun is my friend, if you don’t call
it quits with kofo A.K.A universal charger, I will
tell Toun.
Abayomi: you are mean, mean as hell!
Me: I know sugar, that’s why I am your padi-
Abayomi: carry your wahala dey go…see you
tonight, don’t be late o..
Me: aii bro.. muah
Abayomi: yeye girl.
Abayomi was my best friend; I could do almost
anything for him. We almost dated while in 100
level, but he was too serious with school and
politics…I liked him because ultimately he was a
good guy at heart, had a G.P.A that could make
your parent disown you and adopt him and he
was kind.
I was surprised when he had insisted I be his
vice for the elections. I didn’t think I had the pre-
requisites. I am igbo, I don’t have many friends, I
was relatively young at 21, I hadn’t ever showed
interest in politics.
But he had insisted that I would help him swing
all the non-Yoruba votes to our camp, because
most of them wanted a voice at the government.
He also said I was the only one he could trust.

Our opponents was radical figure, his nick-name
was National, he had been class-rep of his
department since I could remember, he was liked
by lecturers and was a good orator.
I doubted our chances of defeating him but I had
to stand by Abayomi.



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