This ASUU strike has been on for a while, and in
my opinion, it is
both favourable and unfavourable. After what
happened to me
recently, I think I’ll even want the strike to last till
next year. (lol)
I was on my own in the sitting room,
simultaneously chatting
with one girl and watching TV. I was laughing
like a goat, I
swear. Dont give me that look…c’mon, we all do
these things.
I was tempted to use Pidgin English for this
story, I must
confess, but from now on I’ll just use ‘Pman’ for
Father and
‘Momsi’ for Mother. Dhazall.
I was still laughing like a drunk chronic madman
when my Pman
came out from his room. He asked me what I
was laughing about
and I just said I was reading one joke online. He
walked to the
kitchen and as I heard his foot steps coming
back, I immediately
co-ordinated myself as if I was doing a job
He asked me to go and help him give his friend
one document
and that I should explain to him that he’ll see
him later. Me i just
happy say I go even leave that house sef. Even if
the place I was
going to was not far.
Two minutes later, I don jump enter one jeans
wey I hang for my
wardrobe door. I pick one Tshirt from my box. I
never wear this
Tshirt since when I don come back from school.
I trekked out of my street and picked a bike. The
man was telling
me N100 as if its not this same place i used to
go before. I finally
negotiated N50. All these Okada people sef.
When I got to the man’s house, I did not even
waste time before i
started knocking because I already knew the
routine. If you come
this early to his house, there is just no way you
wont knock for
up to 10 minutes at least. I wonder why my
pman does not
always call this man before he sends me here.
Anyway, I continued knocking. I looked at the
street and found
out that it was a bit live-lier than my own. Chai…
see the girls
wey dey this place sha. The girls that would not
be around on a
normal day, now because of ASUU, they are all
over the place.
It was still about 8:45 that saturday morning. I
continued looking
around after intervals of knocking.
Soon, i heard foot steps. Theres a special way
women slippers
(or i dont know what they call it) sounds.
I was already composing the start-up statement i
would tell Mrs
I always preferred her husband to be the one
that would recieve
me. I hate all those fake smiles that women put
up. The smile
wey go be like say their face wan tear.
The gate opened, and I took my face away first
as if I was
watching one woman who was helping one girl
carry her tray on
her head. Before i looked back, I put on my most
honest smile. I
get this innocent smile wey I dey always give
elderly women, or
near elderly sha.
So, back to the story.
As I turned back with my honest smile, I first
It wasn’t Mrs Chizoba I saw oo.. It was a much
younger lady. Ah!
It was not me that was shouting o. Its that
stubborn boy in my
This girl was fine ooo. Anything else would be an
I swear!! I looked at this girl for up for one
minute, until it was
getting awkward. She just gave me that ”yes?
what do you have
to say” look.
She was just waking up, I could tell from her
face. All these
people dey talk say, if you wan know girl wey
fine, go check am
for house for morning. Omo, if na that one be the
case, this girl
na Ogbanje. She was fine in every sense.
I was happy when my mouth started moving,
because it wasn’t
me that was moving the lips. Left to me, i was
comfortable just
staring at her till Jesus go blow 2nd trumpet by
himself say
make I begin climb stairs come up.
I told her that I was there to see Mr. Chizoba.
She nodded and
told me to come in. As she shifted a little for me
to enter, i
noticed something that made me know that God
works on
sundays. She was wearing her nightie and the
nightie was just a
little bit transparent. I could see that she was not
wearing a bra
underneath. Me sef, i silly! Who wears a bra to
bed anyway. I
saw her Tips and a little of the roundness of her
bosom. The
bosoms were firm. They stood up like that
without any sign of
sagging. I swear, if i wasnt this close to this girl,
I would have
argued with Gani that this girl was wearing a bra,
the way the
bosoms were firm.
She then made matters worse. She decided to
close the gate.
Oboy! The transparency of the material fully
came into view as
she turned to close the gate. For a brief moment,
i caught a
glimse of her full right bosom. Needless to say
that by now, my
Joystick don dey play god of war inside my
jeans. Thank God i did
not wear that my 3-quarter shorts. Chai… E for
bad. The
Attention for show, no be small.
So this girl was around because of ASUU?? Chai.
I knew Mr.
Chizoba had a daughter, but since I had been
coming here, I did
not for once lay my eyes on her. Its just either of
her brothers I
usually saw. But most of the times, the parents
were home alone.
Thats what happens when theres no much
spacing between your
kids. They all enter the university at close to the
same time.
i was still waiting for her to finish bolting the
gate. I could not
have waited for more than six to seven seconds,
but those
seconds seemed like hours oo. I cant lie. I read
books where
they say ”minutes looked like hours”, but this
time i was
experiencing it myslef.
I was not smiling again. That kind happiness
wey you no go fit
smile. I just decided to calm down and act
natural. Then she
turned again and started walking towards the
main house. I
turned too, and started following her.
This my eyes sef. It went down again and I saw
her Bottom. That
shii was apple buttom. It was not small at all,
and it was not that
extra large Bottom. This one was perfect from
the view I had.
And she knew how to sway it. I dont know if she
was doing it for
me or that was just how she walked normally.
She didnt behave
awkwardly at all. She didnt even smile like that,
so i didnt think
she was interested in me.
Anybody that was looking at us then would have
thought that I
was following her inside, but na yansh i dey
follow. If her
backside had moved away from her body and
went back to the
gate, i would forget what i went to do there and
follow the
backside to where-ever it was going.
I just kept staring at the Bottom. Then i realized
that anybody
could be looking at me through the windows, so
i re-directed my
eye lenses. But somehow, it restored to default
settings and went
back to the yansh. The panty outline was
obvious. It was a short
trimmed panty. I dont thing it was exactly a g-
string. The shii
was a little bigger.

I began to fear that I’ll even injure my Joystick
with the way it was
struggling in my jeans and boxer shorts. If the
thing get mouth, e
for shout.



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