Its hard 4 a kid 2 rememba all he did in their
childhood days xcept 4 sum realy memorable
event which sticks to their memory…i am no
xception.Bt i seem 2 rememba a lot more..At
age 7yrs,hw i came 2 be in the vilage nd found
myself wit my grandma in Avu,owerri-west
LGA,i neva knew…I was told dat whn i was
born,dat my grandpa’s death made my
grandma lonely nd so she askd 2 tak me wit her
2 kip her company in the vilage at my 2nd
birthday….it was granted….dats how i came 2
be in the villa..i rememba dose times whn my
grandma carried me at her back 2 various
places,events,meetings,etc…..whn i became
4yrs old,i was enrolled in2 nursery1…nd this is
hw my journey began……….
That day when i was enrolled,i met my
first friend Eunan…Unknown To me,Eunan was
even from the same kindred with me,and you
know as kids,we usually love playmates a
lot…..Eunan’s mum teaches in the Avu Primary
school,nd so while she picks her son,he picks
me too….we started off on a good note,and
before one could say jack,we are in nursery
3,and i am now 6yrs old….All along our nursery
years,i only came second once,that was the
time Eunan came first…….And so it was while i
was in nur3 as we were about to enter primary
one that i met Erimma…..Just like me,Erimma
also is living with her grandparents,but not in
my kindred……They came from Mbieri and
settled in our village(they later relocated to my
kindred)….At this time,still plying in the
innocence of childhood,we became really good
friends….Even her younger brother came to
take me as a big brother,and so it went on and
on….By Gods Grace,we entered primary 2 and
that is the begining of my bad deedz
mainly,even as a kid.

The year was 1997,i was 8yrs old,and by
this time even though i was still a kid,my
grandma was already hyping me calling me
“dimkpa”(young man with strenght)…That
fateful day on a saturday,my grandma has
for a wedding,my uncle went to work as
usual,so i was alone in the house when my
cousin(please what do you call your dad’s
cousin daughter?)came to our house,to our
parlour cuz dat waz where i was staying that
time….i greeted her as usual…

.she was
13-14yrs dat time,fair,prety nd average
height,she was also blessed wit big behind
too….As she usualy does,she went to the mini-
library in our parlour,took a story book and
started reading….i was innocently flipping
through pages of books i cant or couldnt
comprehend when she came near me and
joined me….At a point she asked me if i had
had s*x before….she said “imetula ihe aruruala
mbu?” (which means have you had s*x
before?)i said no….she offered to teach
me….but she said i must follow her to their
house first…..Most of You will be wondering
why,but i dont normally even go out to there
house,that was why she insisted……And so i
followed her….I never really knew i was walking
into a break of innocence,but not even through
the real way,bt 2ru Inbreeding.
Her name is Uchechi,the second to last born of
that my Uncle…As we entered their house
(which is just like 20steps from my own),we
went 2 her room…Her younger sister,Maci
(Otuomasirichi)was there and so she sent her
on an emergency errand to keep her off a
while….She immediately locked the door,went
unclad and told me to do same….I was like
wowwww!!,And my Greatman down there
imediately came alive…..At her age,she really
had a sweet succulent Manchester(but i was
innocent then,so i knew nothing.)…She now
told me exactly what to do On her body….I
went close 2 her,started rubbing on her
manchester childishly,and she just grabbed my
head,pressed it to her manchester,told me to
use my tongue and be scrolling around the
nippples..i did..i can recall,she really went
high,grabbed me closer,took my Greatman and
made it penetrate her as she let out a soft
moan….she told me to be thrusting her by
pushing me back and fro while she was lying
down,with me on top…..We continued 2 do dis
till her sister came back and knocked,and so we
quicky dressed up as she told me “with
time,you will be better….”..i nodded…She gave
me the biscuit her sister bought as i heard
no”…which means,odinaka,where are u? That
was my grandma calling….I immediately
answered and rushed out.



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