7th December, 2010
Karachi, Pakistan

I still don’t believe that I’ve lost her forever.
Perhaps I didn’t deserve her. She was such a
nice lady, such a wonderful female. I know that
I can find many girls in this world, even more
beautiful and more attractive than she was. But
no girl can fit into that specific portion of my
heart that has been reserved only for her now.
[i]What shall I call her?[/i] Agressive? Absolutely not. She was so patient,
so calm.
Hard and strict? Never. She was so flexible, so
adaptable, very comprimising too.
Rude and proud? No way. She was modest,
friendly, and sympathetic.
Extremist? Impossible. She sure knew her
boundaries and limits.
No, there’s nothing I can call her. I can’t give
her a single, sole name.
She was truly wonderful, capable of doing
miraculous wonders.
She understood me. I don’t think that anyone
could ever understand me like the way she did.
She made me realize myself, arranging my life’s
books neatly into this world’s shelf. It’s only
because of her that I am who I am.
I will not say that she was perfect but she was
the best one I ever could have hoped for, not
only because she had a tremendous amount of
unconditional love, but because she shaped
who I am today, my qualities and
characteristics. She was the one who made me
beautiful in every sense. The kind you don’t see
much anymore. She was simple but yet so
mysterious. She was so familiar but ah, at the
same time, so strange too.

In the paths of life, you find faces you can’t
forget ever, no matter how much you try. Then
how can I forget that fairy-face which made me
accustomed to the reality of life? Those lake-
deep eyes which, when low, used to bring night
and when high, were the source of daylight.
She was the poetry of a born poet. Flowers
needed her to grow; autumn required her to
become spring.
She was definitely a dream girl, a beautiful
scene of my sleep. But she was a reality too. A
reality, which creates history. A reality, you
can’t imagine your life without. She was so
alive. One, who could give you life in one
glance. There was just nothing else like her at
all. It was her attitude toward life that made her
uniquely captivating. She had a quick
intelligence and a lively curiosity about anything
she happened to encounter.
And then………she was gone when I needed her
the most. She came and left. But she didn’t
leave alone; she had my life too.
I’ll never understand one thing. Why those
times pass so quickly when you’re happy? And
why those times seem to stay forever when
you’re sad?
Did I love her?

To Be Continued…


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