A DATE WITH THE DEVIL: An Encounter With Our Khaki In-Law PART 1

CAVEAT: This piece is not a child of fiction or a
gift from the land of
imagination. It is a true life story that happened
to a dear friend @
UNN ikere campus sometimes last year. I derive
so much interest in
it that I sought his permission to write about it
and tell it to friends
and fans. He granted that permission today
with two conditions: that
nobody should laugh about it and that his
identity should not be
revealed. Enjoy.

It was one of those lovely nights at the love
lane in the University of
Nigeria, Ikere campus ; the milieu was blessed
by a mishmash of cool
gentle wind and the creaking of insects. It was
a romance with nature
for the single gentlemen and ladies to sit quietly
and savour the
indescribable beauty of the ever-green lawn,
jumbled with the sound
of their favourite tracks that would leave one
with an expression that
the much talked about paradise could not be
better than the moment.
As for those at the lane with their potential
partners, night was
obviously better than day as no amount of eye
dilation could tell who
was holding who so tight. Also, the third
category comprised of the
searchers. The actor in this story went for a
search on that lovely
night; I went with him all in the spirit of
After few minutes of survey, I was fast to
recommend a beautiful lady
sitting under one of the trees near Ojomu
Atolagbe Ojoms Photo shop
@ former motion groud . She was different, at
least considering the
circumstance, she did not look like someone
waiting for her Romeo
or searching for one. If she was, what was she
doing with such a big
textbook on her thighs? We walked towards her
direction and sat
beside her. After we said the usual “Hi” which
was reciprocated by
an indistinct reply, I knew she was one of those
girls mummy warned
against campus boys with tiny trousers. My
friend then took over his
business, “I am Azikwe” he said with a smile,
the young lady looked
up with a better and receptive smile as she
replied “Did I ask you?”

Then I knew her initial smile was not near
receptive, it was the type a
typical Yoruba street guy would call “erin ika”.
The moment I noticed
the god of “toasting” was not on our side that
day, I stood from my
friend’s side and sat at the left side of the girl.
Now, she was in the
middle. I made an obvious giraffe neck into the
book she was
reading but I had no idea of the formulas
negotiating with few English
words like “force”, “space”, “energy”. It was a
huge Physics text
book! Till date, I still do not know where the
inspiration came from
but I started nodding my head as I fixed my
gaze at the text book. I
would look at the book she was reading for few
seconds and then
nod. I noticed she observed me doing that but
she acted ignorant but
I did not stop it. In less than 10 minutes, she
looked up and asked
“you know Physics?” I looked at her with a face
filled with pride and
refused to reply. That made her grow more
inquisitive, she then
faced her potential Romeo she initially shunned
and asked “what
course do you people study?” He was fast to
say “Pol Sci and my
Friend FAYO Acounting” and then it was like
our chance of surviving
the heat of the moment increased just because
of that Pol and
Accounting thing.



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