“President! President!! President!!! She
screamed at the top of her voice. She
needed to discuss some issues troubling
her with her school fellowship president.
She was sure everything will work out as
soon as she discuss with him. She ran
towards his direction and never stopped
calling on him.
Solomon heard someone calling him from
afar,he stopped and looked back. With the
look on the face of the sister calling him,
he was sure everything wasn’t okay with
her.. She caught up with him,she was
panting and sweating…

“Good evening sir, I am sorry for
disturbing you sir, I just have some issues
I need to discuss with you sir. Oh! My
name is Aderayo sir, yes I know you don’t
know me, I am just a member of the
“Okay,sister Aderayo, well,you are not
disturbing me,its my duty to listen to every
member of the fellowship. What is the
matter? Is it a discussion we can go
through while standing? Solomon asked.
“No sir, its quite long. I know its late
already,it is almost 6pm,but sir I won’t
have rest until I say it out”. Aderayo
replied almost in tears.
Solomon thought for a while and said.
“Alright then, let’s sit over there (pointing
to alog of wood not far off)…. “I am all
ears sister Aderayo”

“I will try to make it snappy sir”, she
replied,trying her best to compose herself.
Aderayo narrated how she had always
being molested by her step father ever
since her mother got married to him when
she was just age 12. She explained how
she was forced to take an oath never to
tell anyone.
Aderayo lost all the courage she had and
kept the molestation a secret,now as an
undergraduate,she has been finding it
difficult to avoid se.x,she is never okay
until she meets with a guy at least four
times a week. She became addicted to it
that she self-serviced herself when there
is no guy in view. She found it more
difficult to stick to a guy because she is
never satisfied…. Aderayo ended her story
amidst tears and asked for a way out.. She
needed to be free….

To be continued


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