I was feeling very h—y one saturday
evening, the 14th day of september 2002.
The day was a saturday and my girlfriend
hadn’t visited me for like 3months. My
girlfriend was a final year law student and
at that time she was writing her project
and was very busy. A friend once told me
that a brothel existed not too far from our
place of residence but I had never gone
there. This particular evening, the konji
status of my phallus was very high and I
needed a quick release. I picked my phone
and dialled my girl’s number but she
wasn’t picking. I dropped the phone,
reached for my shirt and trousers, wore it
and set out on an adventure to the nearby
brothel. I got to the brothel in no time as I
walked with giant strides and entered into
the complex. The time was 8.00pm in the
evening and the whole place was lighted
with blue and red lights. The walls were
painted blue and skimpily clad ladies
thronged up and down the complex. One
wore a very short skirt and a top that
revealed her boobs and cleavage. Another
pulled down her bumshort so down that
the cleft of her bumbum was readily
visible. Then my eyes caught one very
beautiful one at the extreme of the
complex. I walked up to her immediately
without wasting time.
“Fine girl,” I greeted when I got to where
she was standing.

“Yes fine boy,” she replied turning to my
direction. She turned immediately and cat-
walked into a nearby room and motioned
me to follow her. I followed her sheepishly
as her rounded bumbum bounced up and
down seducing me in the process. She
took off her clothes as soon as we entered
into the room and stretched out her hand
in demand for money. I brought N1000
from my pocket and gave to her. Her
b00bs were well formed and the shapely
contours of her waist further accentuated
the hairy love triangle situated between her
legs. I drew closer while she took my d!ck
in her hands and unrolled a piece of
c0nd0m unto it. Then she lay back and
spread her legs wide apart for me. Without
wasting time, I positioned myself
inbetween her legs and plunged my d!ck
into her pu$$y with all the power my loins
could muster. In and out I moved my d!ck
and groaned as the pleasure mounted. I
held her hips with both hands and fkd her
with reckless abandon. Soon I got to the
point of no return and ejaculated all the
tension in my loins into her pu$$y. By the
time I climbed down and looked at my d!
ck, the c0nd0m was broken and my
phallus was bare and exposed. That
marked the beginning of my ordeal and
battle till date with HIV…

To be continued


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