Smuggling with the bed just very early in the
morning as other children do, the next thing i
heard was a slap on my back, then a shout
followed Zeus do you want to be late for
school, then i realised its mum waking me up
because i just changed to a new school and it
was a new neighbourhood we just relocated
there, i hurriedly jumped up went to fetch water
and had my bath dried my self up, then i just
entered ss1 class, wore my white and black
uniform with black belt and black sandal. its my
first day at school so i ought give in first
impression, i hurriedly ate the flakes prepared
for me by mum and got set for school then
mum followed me to school being my first day
at school*********************
************am zeus as you know a little boy of
14 just entered a new school so this my story
of how my experience was i am the son of mr
and mrs Joshua, my dad is a retired soldier
while my mum has her own business in which
she sells goodies but she never allows me to
come to church am the last born of the family,
so probably baby of the house thats me for

As we got into the school all the student are on
the assembly ground then a teacher was
addressing them then we went straight to the
vice principals office i sat at the reception
alongside two other student which i learnt are
also in d same class as i am, after much talk
with the v.p mum came out and handed me
over to the v.p, then the v.p tookme to my class
i was in ss1c, a commercial class alongside one
of the student i met earlier which was a girl
which i latter learnt her name was Ifeoluwa.

After little while no one came to the class to
teach us except a woman mrs akinbusuyi the
councillor who can to brief us a bit about our
school afterwards bell ranged for break mi
didn’t go out i remained in the class with other
student which seemed to be busy discussing
amongst their self after a while i heard ssome
said come share with me i loked back saw
ifeoluwa she was angelic and her eye balls was
as clear as crystal, then she had a nice shaped
eyebrow and she was ever smiling as she
handed me a bottle of coke and eggroll i was
shy have never had such encounter before i
shrugged amd said thank you then i collectd we
ate and then started talking that was my first
friend then i was practically her first friend
too…………………latter on i met ayo and efe my two
friends whom i learnt we stayed in the same
neighbour hood together
It was 2pm and the bell rang for closing i took
my bag and went to the bustop lots of student
were on the road lafffing and playing then i saw
a tap on my shoulder it was ifeoluwa, then she
said she was going towards games road but no
bus and i am also going towards that road. So i
suggested we go together then we trecked
together and started talking abot things we see
on the road and laffing that was how the first
day looked like, when i got home met mum i
told her what happened first day at school she
made me eba and okra soup i ate and went
outside to meet my friends then thaught about
how school went and prepared for the nex

To Be Continued…


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