Okay… lemme set the ball rolling with a little
about myself.
I am born into a christian family, my dad is a
pastor as you can see from the tittle. My
friends nicknamed me omo pastor because i’m
a pastor’s son buh badt(you know dat kin badt
nau ). They use d name to tease me a lot.
Growing up was so boring for me, we lived in d
church compound and my dad was d G.O of d
church. form house to car, car to school, and
back to house after schl. you know dat kin
boring lyf.

When i entered Senior secondary school, there
was this girl i liked whom i walked up to but
she told me ‘no’ cos she was already dating a
friend of mine. *it was so annoying dat d
feelings i had for her diminished into hate. She
killed my moral and since den i’m always so
scared whenever i wanna toast a girl.
I tried forgetting ladies but i couldn’t do that for
long. In SS2, my family changed location and
therefore i and my broda had to change
school.*did i mention i have a younger bro?..
So, i got to this new environment, everytin new
buh i made friends already within two weeks .*i
have dis stuff dat makes people wanna be
friends with me when dey see me. Dunno
why:/. I noticed that one thing the street was
blessed with was preety girls and my bunch of
naughty friends had already introduced me to
one named Stella. Stella was preety by all
standards, with a nicely shaped big round
bo..obs and a.sse *i love boo.obs and behind
like mad. dat was why i fell in love with her at
first site.
not only was Stella beautiful nut she also has d
voice of an angel… i remember going to her
church for weekly services just to hear her
sing. She was all i wanted in a woman. We got
closer and closer. Daily we would sit together in
front of the compound i lived gisting for hours
from studies to entertainment, to sports *she
was a girl dat loved sports like marrdd, and
sometimes we talk dirty.

Long vacation soon came to an end and schl
was to be re-opened the next week.
School reopened and i was taken to my new
new school, with my bro *by my dad.
i was shown where SS2 class was and i went
there. I was stoped at the door by the teacher
in class at that time and she asked me a very
embarrasing question which got the whole
class cracking cos some of my padis who knew
me where there. She asked *where are you
going? Don’t you know this is ss2 class?* she
asked that cos of my small stature and baby
face. *i’m in ss2 ma! I replied calmly while the
whole class kept laughing *i’ve got some padis
there who knew i was in ss2 but they just
couldnt stop laughing even when i entered the
class and sat down… It took the techer another
five minutes to calm the class. Immediately i
entered the class, only one person caught my
yeah, you guessed you guessed right, Stella was
in the same class. She looked so charming with
the early morning ray of sun coming on her
face. She signalled to me that her seat was
empty i should join her. I joined her on her seat
and immediately i sat down, the first thing i
noticed was that her first and second button on
her uniform shirt were opened reavealing the
upper part of her fleashy bobby. It was so
inviting like i should feast on it there and then. I
also noticed she wore a purple bra that hugged
them oranges tight and packed them up very
well also.
first day of school, first week… Nothing
it was in the fifth week that something
intresting happened between me and stella.

To Be Continued…


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