Starts with a typical wedding setting, the Priest,
Bride, best man and Bridesmaids and few
family members. It’s a moderate wedding
setting. The vow is exchanged.
Priest: Do you Charles Ojo; take Doris Bamidele
as your lawful wedded wife? To have and to
cherish, to love and to hold, in sickness and in
health, for riches and for poorer till death do
you part?
Charles: I do
Priest: Do you Doris Bamidele; take Charles Ojo
as your lawful wedded husband? To have and
to cherish, to love and to hold, in sickness and
in health, for riches and for poorer till death do
you part?
Doris: I do
Priest: I hereby pronounce you Husband and
Wife, you may kiss the Bride.
(New Couple exchange kisses)
Priest: (Announces) I present to you, the latest
Couple in town! Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ojo!!
(Applause and Cat cries from the congregation)
(Reception Arena. Party scene, dancing,
drinking and merriment, couple dancing to
music and people spraying money on them.
Gifts items are being handed to the best man
and bride’s maid. Merriment continues till fade.)
(Night. The couple is sleeping. Husband sleeps
with mouth wide open snoring aloud. Wife
keeps mumbling incoherently. Husband turns
back and forth, wakes and sits up; he wipes his
mouth with the back of his palm, stares at the
wife with surprise. Taps her awake gently.
Charles: Sweet heart, please wake up (she
mutters more incoherent words. He is baffled.
He taps her harder) sweet heart wake up!
(Doris wakes abruptly and scared, she grabs
her husband for protection)

Doris: Thief! Thief!! Where are they?? (Visibly
Charles: Honey, take it easy, there is no cause
for alarm please, there is no thief anywhere.
Doris: No thieves? Then why did you blow me
like that? (Rubbing her side)
Charles: I did not blow you sweet heart; I
merely tapped you to wake up because you
were talking in your dreams.
Doris: ooh is that why you woke me? That is
how I sleep o!
Charles: (Shocked) you mean you normally talk
in your sleep? Then how am I supposed to
sleep with you talking into my head?
Doris: You are talking, what about you that
snore like a Hippo?
Charles: Who snores?
Doris: You of course! Oh! Don’t you know you
snore? (Hisses) Your noise shake the whole
building like there is going to be an earth quake!
Charles: (Laughing) common get out, it’s a lie,
and how can my snore shake the building? Am
I King Kong?
Doris: Before nko? (Laughing too)
Charles: It’s alright I agree I snore sometimes
but to snore is better than you chanting
Doris: Who de chant incantation? Me? You are
not serious o! Please lets go back to sleep joor!
I am tired.
(Couple cuddles each other, pulls the duvet
over as light fades off)

To Be Continued…


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