Feb 13th ..
. I woke up, prayed the usual 2 minutes”
thank you Lord prayer “ and i manage chop
the remaining yam porridge wey i cook
yesterday inside pot.. .. Afterwards, i brush
ma teeth well before i con baff. With nothing
left to do , i sat down on my own bed with
my tecno m3 phone and then i logged in
As expected na val this ,val that full
So tomorrow is VAL ?? No wonder my
neighbour, Bro Tayo did the unusual as he
did not wake us up with his osupa returns,
small doctor and dre san ,omo anaabi cd
collection as he normally does everyday but
bombarded us with classic love
songs.hmmn.. val is tomorrow and i had no
idea ??

I felt really sad…. at 25 years of age , i have
never at any point celebrated this thing called
valentine with any babe. Right from
secondary school,enter university till now wey
i dey do my masters…not even once..
No be really my fault… i have only dated two
girls in this short time wey i don spend on
earth.One for secondary school and one for
university..both of them were practically not
into the whole valentine ,,valentine thing back
then. As a sharp guy , na kuku to my own
advantage … i no go dey buy any yeye val
gifts or find money for any outing for any

it was all perfect and ok for me.
Not untill recently when i was left with no
babe before i started realising the essence of
the valentine fever.. I was immensely tortured
by the lovey dovey atmosphere i witnessed
when my one of my hostel mate, okaakoko
who was just in 200 level, and his babe
celebrated their valentine last year.. person
go think say na marriage anniversary dem
From eatery to swimming pool to cinema
back to eatery and the final finalisation for
bedroom wey dem no allow person hear
word , i could not help but jealous them oo..
worst worst , my younger brother wey dey
ss2 marveled me with narations of how he
and his new “
chick” celebrated val by chilling out at mr
biggs and having fun at a swimming pool
before retiring to our house to chill further,,
What do u mean by chill further ?/ i asked
inquistively from my ever promiscuous
younger brother
Haaha .. i mean chill and talk naa..
Hmnn did u do the do ?? i asked again
wanting to be sure what am thinking is right.
The only thing he did was smile.. Maybe he
go give me the answer tomorrow ,only God

To be continued


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