‘Come on Toyin, you can’t be serious’ I said
to my friend
‘’Babe, I’m very very serious. Don’t
underestimate these small boys o’’ Toyin
replied as we walked to her car. ‘You make
the mistake of looking at these boys with the
eyes of children. Do you know that a lot of
them are even wiser than you?’’
‘’Look, I still don’t think it’s right. You are
cradle snatching you know. You should know
that’s an offense under the constitution’’ I
‘’Abeg leave constitution alone jare and all
that your big grammar. They are eighteen
and above and in Nigeria eighteen is the age
of consent. Babe, let me tell you something,
the day you try it out, you will thank me’’ she
said with suave assurance.
I was actually shocked and surprised. This
was a side of my childhood friend that I had
never seen before. What she’s just told me
was not only shocking but to me undo-able.
How can I be fu-Cking someone that young?
Someone almost half my age, it was
unthinkable. I like the good F**K like any
other slut, but it has to be with a man, a
matured man who knows the difference
between right and wrong. What ran through
my mind was ‘’what do I say if caught fu-
Cking someone that young? My self-esteem
won’t allow me to do it.
We ended the discussion that day and that
seemed to be the end of it until last weekend
when Toyin breezed into my apartment. We
exchanged the usual pleasantries and after
our usual girl talk, she brought her lap top
from her bag telling me she wanted me to
see something. I know of many of her
escapes and the fact that she sometimes
films them. That girl is so crazy, she sets up
her computer and positions the web cam
strategically to film what goes on in her bed.
It’s so surreptitiously done that her F**K
buddies are usually unaware of the fact. I
asked why she does it and she says it’s
because watching herself F**K and be F***ed
is the best X-trated, it turns her on, gives her
massive Pour. That’s all she watches as X-

So when she brought out her laptop to show
me something, I had assumed it was one of
her porns but I was in for a shocker. She
definitely was one of the protagonists but her
partner sure was a surprise.
The scene opened with my friend lying on the
bed. Toyin is slim, hand size b0s0m and
moderate butt0ckz. She’s spread-eagled,
knees raised and pushed to almost her chest
and there’s this head buried between her
open thighs, lapping away at her K!ttyC@t.
She had this wild look to her, eyes closed
tightly shut, mouth open and gasping for
breath. I watched in awe as the head
continued lapping away oblivious of his
surroundings but only intent on giving her
pleasure. She sure was in another land
entirely as was evident from her expression.
This continued for minutes with the only
sounds in the room the lapping noise his
tongue was making and the m0ans and
groans emanating from her mouth.
She finally came after a hard work of lapping
from his mouth and gave an agonised m0an
like someone being slaughtered, shuddered
and clamped her thighs to his head. I felt
that he was choking but he didn’t protest as
he just lapped away, making sure to capture
all the juice flowing copiously from her open
K!ttyC@t. She finally relaxed and then he
raised his head, drops of K!ttyC@t juice was
still attached to corners of his mouth, which
he was using his tongue to flick into his
On seeing his face, I opened my mouth in
shock and looked at my friend. She smiled
sheepishly and told me to go on watching.
Who was I seeing? Why was I shocked? You
would understand if you know that my friend
Toyin is over thirty and the guy who just sU-
Cked her K!ttyC@t beautifully and brought
her to a mind-blowing orgasm was a boy in
her neighbourhood who had just finished
secondary school! A less than twenty year
old boy! When I pointed this out to her, she
laughed and told me to continue with what I
was watching as ‘age was nothing but a
number’. Wow!!!

Well, I had no choice, I continued watching.
Looking back on the computer screen, I saw
that the guy, I mean, boy, had removed the
only item of cloth he had on in the first place,
his trousers. As if he knew someone was
watching, he turned and faced the screen and
my jaw dropped open in surprise and shock.
He had one of the fattest J0yst!ck I had ever
seen! Must be over 5inches in girth at least,
not too long, in fact under 7inches but faaat.
The J0yst!ck was standing up angrily and it
looked like a fat sausage, brown crown
glowering angrily and pulsing as blood was
being pumped into it was obvious. The J0yst!
ck kept giving angry jerks every few seconds.
It was a J0yst!ck to worship and from the
expression on the boy’s face, it was obvious
that he knew he had a powerful and
captivating tool.
I involuntarily swallowed as my K!ttyC@t
flooded with juice just at the sight of that
magnificent tool. I had a faraway look on my
face, imagining what it would be like to have
that man meat deep inside me, that stretchy
feeling of a J0yst!ck opening my K!ttyC@t
very wide always sends me over the edge. I
was brought back to the present by Toyin’s
chuckle as she pinched my Tip and asked me
to concentrate.
‘slut, watch and stop daydreaming about that
J0yst!ck’ she laughed
‘’who said I was’’ I stuttered in reply, trying to
hide the noticeable flush on my face. I’m
sure I would have been blushing if I was a
white woman.
‘’I know you. Now watch’’ she commanded.
I turned my eyes back to the screen, she had
paused it and the picture came back to life
on the touch of her hand. The boy had
moved to my friend to feed her his man
meat. There was no way she could get that in
her mouth, I said to myself. No way. True to
my thoughts, she could not even get her
mouth past the head. I guess they both knew
this and were used to it as she just licked the
shaft up and down, sU-Cked on his balls and
then licked the tip some more. That J0yst!ck
was now pulsing seriously and pre-Pour was
dripping from the tip in streams which she
eagerly licked. She kept this up for minutes
while he just stood over her running his
hands through her hair and fondling her
small b0s0m. Every so often, he would pinch
her Tips and one could see the effect of this
from the way she jumped and m0aned
through her licks.
I believe he finally got too excited or was
ready for action when he pushed her away.
She fiddled under the pillow and came up
with a pack of cd which she handed to him,
then lay back down, spreading her legs with
knees raised and bent. He tore open and
wore a CD, it was quite a chore to get all of
that man meat to fit into the rubber but it
finally did. He knelt between her legs and
started pushing his J0yst!ck into her very
wet glistening K!ttyC@t. After a few push, the
head went in, she gave a loud m0an at this
and I subconsciously felt that head enter my
own K!ttyC@t, I moistened my dry lips at just
that thought. He kept pushing in until finally,
he had the whole of that thick sausage buried
deep inside her K!ttyC@t. The bulge of the
J0yst!ck was noticeable as her K!ttyC@t lips
were spread wide and gripping the J0yst!ck
tight. Then he started thrusting back and
forth, back and forth. First slowly and then
increasing his pace till he was slamming into
her like a sledge hammer. She m0aned,
groaned and jerked upwards to meet his
every thrust, wrapping her legs round his
waist as he pumped into her like a steam
engine. He didn’t last very long as he
offloaded soon afterwards. He looked like a
demon and she looked frustrated. .

To Be Continued…


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