I prayed within me that he would look my
way again! Oh, how I longed this! Ever
since he made that first glance, he hadn’t
looked again. “Was it because our eyes
met?” I couldn’t tell. All I just wanted was
for his eyes to find mine for a second time.
Or at least, one last time! I had kept my
eyes on him, wishing and praying but yet it
has only felt like the more I wished, the
lesser the chances! I couldn’t just help it. I
was caught in this trap. Of course it wasn’t
his trap. But whoever had set this trap had
caught me badly! I couldn’t get out of it
anymore. In fact, I wasn’t feeling like
getting out of it. It was a bondage I was
enjoying and only praying that I could see
it out! I was praying that whatever the
bondage had in stock for me, would come
sooner than later! I was desperate!

I didn’t exactly notice him until the
audience began clapping for the last
speaker, Dr. Farouk Suleiman. I had stood
too, just like every other guest on the
podium and had applauded the Doctor, on
what was a very brilliant presentation. He
had spoken about his current research into
seeking new grounds in the use of mutant
cells in the cure of more complex diseases,
like cancer. Everybody was genuinely
schooled by the rich content of his study
and we all had to applaud him, including us
his fellow guest speakers. But it was in the
course of doing so, that I noticed
somebody at the right end of the hall and
in the audience. He was standing too and
clapping, but for no initial reasons, I
seemed to notice him more than others! I
just kept looking at him until we were done
clapping and got seated again. From where
I was seating on the podium, I had a very
uninhibited view of him and that made the
distraction a lot worse than it should be.
As the seminar continued with the
introduction of a new speaker, I found
myself rather consumed by this boy. He
was still very young. Never expected
anything older than 22 or there about.
Therefore, making him just about the age
of my first son. But he was astonishingly
handsome! In fact, he was this kind of boys
you couldn’t qualify as handsome as they
were better called beautiful given how fine
their comeliness were. His heavily dark hair
was neatly dressed around his forehead,
forming a pleasant match with his equally
heavy eyebrows. The hair suggested he
was mullato (half-caste) as the woolly
nature of its texture wasn’t something you
see on the Yoruba locals around. He was
barely dark but neither fair too. Just
somewhere between the two. I had noticed
his height when we were still standing and
easily gave him a 6’1”. He wasn’t exactly
muscular as such but far from slim.

Athletic was the right word in fact, as his
body lines appeared fairly defined.
What caught me most were his lips. They
were very thick-looking and round! He
seemed to have realized how Sekxy they
looked right from a younger age and thus
formed a habit of regularly creating a face
that made them appear even more obvious.
Being an A-grade kisser, this easily got the
tickling going in my Kittycat. As I intently
looked and studied the way each of them
formed a clean swipe as they curved out
into their undersides, I couldn’t help but
press my crossed thighs a little bit more.
As though that wasn’t enough, he at some
point, brought out his tongue and licked
the lips of the flicker of dryness that
appeared to have formed over them. Just
then, I felt my own mouth drop, not
withstanding that I was on a podium, with
over 200 students and professionals,
possibly observing me. I traced the
movement of his tongue as it swirled from
one corner of his mouth, to the other.
Observing the sparkling glossiness, of its
dampness. I swallowed hard! I began
wishing he could kiss me. I began wishing I
could take that tongue into my mouth and
suck it so very hard! It looked so soft in the
eye and a lot like something that could do
a very good job on my Kittycat. Then my
eyes moved to his eyes. They were very
sharp and radiant. The white part of his ball
looked so very white and the lovely dark
shade present around the skin of each eye,
formed a perfect contrast in a most alluring
of ways! As his eyeballs steadied on the
speaker, I couldn’t help but wish he would
looked my way but it didn’t seem to be so.
His neck equally wasn’t an exception. It
was slender, tall and well framed. The skin
there looked like something I would enjoy
licking up and the gentle lines of folds that
were neatly outlined towards the foot, made
matters more pleasing. If I were to go by
the theory of some of my girlfriends, the
size of his neck meant he was going to
have a slick long Joystick! The thought of
that alone got my Kittycat juice sip into my
panties! I found myself close my eyes
briefly as I unmistakably imagined his
hands wrap me up from behind and poke
my butt. It was the laughter of the audience
that brought me back to the auditorium!

To be continued


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