This story contains pidgin English

After my graduation from the university, I
had to do various odd jobs while waiting
for my NYSC call-up letter. When I finally
got it, I was shocked when I realized I was
posted to the North (Katsina state to be
precise) because I tried influencing my
posting to the southern part of the country.
Anyway, I had no choice but to go for the
3weeks orientation course.
Before I went, I got a medical report from a
doctor friend of mine who ‘diagnosed’ me
of Acute Bipolar Disorder (I didn’t even
care what it meant) to ensure my
relocation on medical grounds.
On getting to Katsina state, I found the
place to be beautiful and quiet unlike the
rowdiness I was used to in Lagos. The
camp was even better than most of the
NYSC camps I had visited in other states
(mine included). My roommates were fun
and lively. Fortunately for me, 3 of us were
from the same department in school, so
we kinda had an upper hand in bonding
with the others. Camp was fun, I made
friends, male and female, but more of male
‘cos I didn’t want to cheat on my girlfriend.
After camp I congratulated myself on not
doing ‘anything’ that might have soiled my
relationship with my girlfriend (if she found
out). I went straight to her place, and she
‘compensated’ me for all I had missed in
camp by giving me the ‘straffing’ of my life
over the holidays.
Finally, after all the fun and excitement, the
holidays came to an annoying end and it
dawned on me that I had to go back to the
north (because my relocation didn’t come
After finally completing the registration
process at my PPA, I was so
uncomfortable and angry. The lodge I was
provided was tiny and stuffy, and at night
the mosquitoes came en masse on their
power bikes. My first night was dreadful, I
couldn’t sleep. Throughout the night, I
made a mental note on getting a new
apartment the next day.
The next day I asked around for where I
could get an apartment around my PPA. I
finally got one and I spent two days buying
stuffs and tidying the place up.
On my first day at work, I realized that all
the stories I heard about the beauty of
Hausa and Fulani girls were true. Walai,
Hausa girls fine die! I was posted to one of
their universities and was to work as a
laboratory technologist in the Chemistry
When I got to the lab, I had to observe how
my ‘boss’ conducted the practical session
with the class because that was to be my
duty. I ended up observing NOT him, but a
number of pretty students in the lab. Some
of these girls were in hijab, while some had
scarfs tried around their necks, but mere
looking at them put so many imaginations
in a guys mind. I told myself ‘Boy, welcome
to Katsina!’
Two days later as I was conducting the
practical class, a lady raised up her hand
to ask a question. Jeez, her voice was
ethereal. I was so carried away, I didn’t
even hear the question she asked. “Please
tell us your name before you ask your
question”, I quickly said. She said, ‘My
name is Zainab. My question is: Why do
we add H2SO4 to FAS solution during the
EMF measurement?’. I was like ‘Wow,
that’s a very interesting question’ and I
explained what happens during that
chemical reaction and told them to
observe the changes when they were
carrying out the practical.
I continued the class and noticed that
Zainab and her friends were no more
paying attention but giggling whenever our
eyes met. I said to myself **Oh lord, lead
me not into temptation**.
After the class, I sat on a chair in the lab
with my earpiece on, listening to music
and browsing on my phone when I felt a
tap on my shoulder. I looked up and saw a
damsel standing above me. Jeez, this girl
fine die! Her hips were at the same level
with my face and made Amber Rose feel
like a learner. She had a lovely smile on
her face and cute dimples.
She: Hi…
Me: Uhmm, hello…
She:**smiles** You are the new corper
here right?
Me:**Look at my attire** Is it that
obvious? I’m not even putting on my
She:**Laughs** You should know that
once you come here, everyone knows your
status… Anyway, I’m Chisom. I’m a batch
B corper.
Me: Wow, senior corper. I have a friend
that’s your name sake o. Buh she’s not as
tall as you. D–n, you are so tall! Or is
because I’m sitting?
**I stand and measure height with her and
realize I’m a lil bit taller than her**
Me: **I hold my chest** Ah, thank god I’m
taller than you…
She: **smiles**
Me: But you are too pretty jor…
She: You’re teasing me, shey? I’m
definitely sure you are one of those player
Me: No na, it’s true. I know you must have
heard it from so many guys, but at least
you are hearing it from me for the first
She: **smiles** Hmm, thanks…
Me: **I offer my hands** My name is

She: Dioxidane? What kinda name is that?
Me: Don’t worry, you’ll get to find out if
you stick around long enough…
She: **Hits me slightly on my shoulder**
You are not serious…
Me: You know what, I’m starving here. Do
you know where I can get something good
to eat? I don’t mean tuwoshinkafa o…
She: **laughs** Don’t worry, there’s a
place around. But I’m sure you’ll love fura.
Me: Fura? What the hell is that?
She: It’s a kinda drink. They say it’s good
for mens libido…
Me: Huh! Really?? Then I’m definitely
And so we walked to the restaurant, got
something to eat, and talked about
ourselves. We later exchanged numbers
and parted ways.
At night I was browsing and chatting with
some of my friends when I got a message
on whatsapp. It was from Chisom.
She: Hi dear…
**In my mind, hmm, now now dear don
enter? Ok let’s play along na**
Me: Hey sweetheart… Hope your day went
She: Ehm, it was ok. I thought you said
you were going to come to my office when
you closed…
Me: Did I? Oh, I’m sorry darling, iforgot.
Don’t worry I’ll make it up to you…
She: How?
**Huh??? How ke???**
Me: Uhm, what do you have in mind?
She: Anything…
Me: Ok, you know what? We’ll hang out
tomorrow after work. Hope you are cool
with that?
She: Yeah, it’s aii…
And so we gisted about family, relationship
and other stuffs till late in the night. I had
to remind her we were to go to work the
next day before we were able to stop.
The next day after work, she took me to a
lovely spot in town. I was so into her that
all my thoughts were to bleep her right
there and then due to accumulated konji.
Later on we went to her lodge.
I sat on her bed trying to watch a movie
on her laptop while she said she was
going to freshen up. While she was in the
bathroom, I couldn’t concentrate on the
movie. I was just imagining her naked right
there in the bathroom and wished I could
just rip the door open and go down on
Before I knew what was happening, she
came out of the bathroom. She was
putting on a brown bumshort and a white
spaghetti top. Jeez!!! Her huge boobs were
so visible through the top she was wearing
and her pointy ni*pples pushed outward
against it’s thin fabric. She definitely didn’t
have a bra on under there!
She sat down next to me, and I felt the
beam of her gaze wash over me. She
looked so beautiful; I didn’t know what to
do. I didn’t want to be too forward, so I
just tried ‘forming’ conversation with her
while watching the movie. ‘Are you even
enjoying the movie? This movie is super
boring!’ As I turned to respond, my eyes
were drawn yet again to her incredible
chest. My focus was especially drawn to
the bulge at the tip of each boobs; her
areolae must be incredibly puffy. I couldn’t
resist anymore.
Suddenly, without warning, her head
shifted, and I found my lips pressed
against hers, with my tongue plunging
deep into her mouth and her tongue
whipping against mine to explore it. As we
were kissing, I moved my hands to her
large b—–s. I slowly began to massage
them gently, using my experience, and
instinct to guide me. As I caressed and
rubbed her large ni*pples, I heard her
quiver and moan. As the passion heated
up, I tried to unbutton her bumshorts, but
she held my hand back and guided my
face to her boobs…

To be continued


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