I was woken by the ringing tone of my
phone which sent an irritating sound to
my ear drums
making me jump like I was being chased
in my dream while sleeping.I woke up
lackadaisically to pick up the phone
which was lying
beside me. I cursed the caller for spoiling
my sleep as I stretched my left hand to
pick up the call.
“Hello,Evans”,was a male voice which I
heard from the caller.
The voice sounded familiar but
I had no idea who was calling that very
night around 7pm so I lowered the
phone to have a look on just to see who
was calling.
“Hi Muhammed,whats up”,I
answered.’Can we have a discussion,i
would like to share with you an
important testimony of my life for your
advice”,he asked pleadingly.
do you want us to meet?”,I
replied.’Under the apple tree in front of
my house’,he suggested.
“Okay, I would be there in a jiffy”,I said
and hung up.
*Muhammad was a colleague I became
friend with during our out- segment
together with some other friends,males
and females.
We were all posted to the same town in
the Upper Manya district,a town called
Aseseswa as part of our programme
in College before we would write our final
three papers, which
included:Statistics,Trends in Education
and Guidance $ Counselling.Our final
three papers were to form part of our
assessment together with our project
works and supervisions which
where to be supervised by our very
tutors from College.
*I got there at exactly half past seven,
ten minutes late to the time I promised.
‘U are late’,he asked
searchingly….”Really,you woke me up
from my slumber just to test my
punctuality to you,seriously u are not
serious Ali?”,I retorted with a frown,got
up and decided to leave.
He held my hand and said, “am sorry
dude, I didn’t mean to test you of your
punctuality or whatever”,he pleaded.
“You better start with what you called
me here for and stop that silly jokes of
your’s because am not in for any”,I fired
at him.
In fact, it is true that when a person
wakes up already provoked, he is not in
any position to hear nonsense from
‘Okay, please sit’,He offered me a seat
under the apple tree and started
with his story.He pleaded with me not to
be annoyed with him but to listen
carefully to his story.
I heeded to his plea and asked him to


#Ali’s side of the Story#
I met this girl in College:first year,her name
was Bernice.We happend to be in the
lecture hall as general students.
As to how I met Bernice still remains a
mystery to all and sundry.
*Bernice was dark in complexion…Very
pretty,she had this shape which
really attracted my seniors in College to try
their luck on her but to no avail.
I mean to say,her *A-s* was so
captivating.That which could send a guy
confused on seeing her* behind*
She had an awesome body too.Very
charming was her looks.
*It was one cool evening, the cloud looked
like it was about to rain with the sky fuming
with lighting striking here and there.
I went to class with Benjie my secondary
school friend and now friend on Campus.
We happened to attend the same High
school and now the same lecture hall.
Ben is a good friend.A guy of average
height,dark,big guy.Bigger than I am,very
jovial in nature.
Actually,he was one of the guys in College
who had many friends as ladies because
he could make them laugh to forget their
We entered the class to see our new friends
just to make acquaintance with them. We
were lucky to meet enough guys in the
lecture hall just as we prayed for.
Ben and I decided to join the guys who
were already storming a football
debate,make unnecessary noise disturbing
the whole block with their male voices.
There were some few ladies in the class
who were trying very hard to cope with the
situation. Finally when the noise became so
irritating that they could not bear
There came a loud feminine voice from
behind which sent thrills through my
auditory nerves sending sharp noise
through my veins making my head to
quake abruptly.
“Pleeeaaaaasssseeeee, if you guys are not
ready to learn,allow those of us who are
ready to? “,she asked and fired one up at
the same time…….
“Who the hell is that B*tch over there”,Ben
enquired fumingly.
‘Don’t mind her,she’s just looking for our
trouble’,Enoch said in an undertone.
“Did you just call me a B*tch?”,the lady

To be continued


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