A Pidgin English , Crazy And Funny Story

I stil de rememba how soft and beautifl she
dey wen my
headmasta introduce am dose days as our
new teacher joyce I
swear she no pass 26yrs. Na we be d boys
wey go mak noice for
class so dat she go tok mak we come
kneel down under ha desk,
na dose days wen babes de wear shimi/
draws unda skirt com
wear big white pant inside. The innocent
teacher no go know say
badt guy dey unda table de calculate and
observ how many
threads and hole wey dey 4ha big pant. I
remeba one day wey
teacha joyce 4get say I dey punishment
unda ha desk com shift
ha pant, put hand inside de scratch ha
kitten, omo see d kain
bush wey de dis girl toto…….
Dat one na dose days. Jus last week I de
go my guy place naim I
see teacher joyce 4road as she de wait
4taxi omo she don old
small o but still look Sekxy and fine, I tell
my guy mak she stop d
car, I don see my primary 4teacher, as I call
am I dey suprise say
she jus rememba me imediatly she
suppose dey ha early or mid
40’s now I com de wonda if a toto go still
dey bushy as e day
many years ago, I swear say I must find

I ask am wia she de go she say she de go
bank, as we de tok
she com tel me say she don divorce ha
husband since 5years
ago say she de work 4 ministry of educatn
now. We drop am
4bank, like play like play I collect ha numba
tel am say I go cal
am leta know as she dey..
Two days leta naim I call d woman, we tok
4phone reach 15mins
and I neva even tell am my mind, she jus
de tok politics and
church tinz SHUO!!! I com tell am say I go
wan com know I’m

She kip silent 4sum seconds, ask me why I
wan com, I ask am if
anytin bad 2 know ur teacher hous?, she
com tok say mak I no
com say she no wan see me 4 her house,
hang up. I call am bak
4evening she jus dE busy my call I com de
thinK wetin I do dis
woman wey go mak am treat me lyk dis, I
no tok any bad tin nah,
I no insult am, I nobe criminal I no even luk
lyk criminal. I decide
say even if e go mean 2find am go work
2moro I go do am
afterall I nogo loose anytin, nobe my mate
so anytin wey hapun I
go tak am.
The next day I call joe my guy mak we go
min of education, we
reach dia by 11am, by 12.40 we still de try
locate ha office and d
worst part b say I com forget her surname,
we jus de mumu
1 -abeg we de find mrs joyce
2 – joyce who?
1 – I no fit rememba ha surname but she
dey chubby small com
fair wit average height
2 – wia she from?
1 – na benue woman
2 – and una no hol I’m numba. many
benue women full hia go
ask dose men wey stand dia no weda dem
go no who una de

To be continued


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  1. Mmmh indeed nice story.

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