Can a daughter and her father seduce each
other without s-x???Watch out!! (18+)

I was eighteen, fresh out of high school,
when I went away to college. While I was in
college, I met this real hot babe. Her name
was Ruth, and the same age as I was. We
were soon living together, and because of
our strong attraction for each other, we
didn’t act wildly like a lot of the other
students, we just kept more to ourselves,
and kept ourselves pretty busy going to
classes, studying, and especially having s-
x together so that we could devote most of
our time to our studies.Because of our
closeness with each other, we finally
figured that we should make our very close
relationship legal. So we finally got married
the semester before we graduated.Because
of her, I knew that I no longer had any
worries about my s-x life because she kept
me very well sexually fulfilled. But we did
hold off having children until we could get
fairly established in our fields.What
triggered it was, the day, we went to a
birthday party for a very small and young
relative. While we were there, Ruth was
having a ball playing with all the little
kiddies there.When we got home from the
party, Ruth threw all of her birth control
pills in the trash, and announced that we
were going to have a child of our own. Of
course I didn’t object, and less than a year
later, our daughter, Diane, was born.But
something happened to Ruth during the

Afterwards, she found that having
s-x was sometimes just too painful and
she no longer seemed to enjoy it.She went
to a couple of doctors who examined her,
but could find nothing wrong. They gave
her some pills, but they didn’t seem to
help much either.I continued to bear with
her problem for several more years until I
couldn’t stand it anymore having s-x with
Ruth only about once a month or even less.
I was right on the verge of divorce when
she was offered a good job offer quite far
away. I didn’t want to move because of my
own work and the nice house that we
owned. So that night we sat down and
talked it over. She finally decided to leave
Diane here with me so that she could
continue to be in her own familiar
surroundings with all of her own friends
and wouldn’t have to suffer the trauma of
moving away to a strange new place. She
also decided that we would go ahead and
file for a no fault divorce, and she would
just move away and leave nearly everything
to me since I would be having full custody
of Diane.Since I now had to take care of
Diane all by myself and take care of the
house, I found I had very little time left
over for dating, and the longer I went
without female companionship, it seemed
the hornier I became.Of course, I did date
once in a while, but it seemed that none of
them ever really panned out.

To be continued


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