F–k! I can’t believe what I’m seeing in my
parents’ living room. Three giggling teenage
girls, wearing sheer lingerie are sitting on the
couch cheering on a fourth girl who is
attempting to deep throat a d—o. What the
f–k! The cheers and laughter is probably
why they didn’t hear me come in through the
kitchen door. I step back into the shadows of
the hallway while my c–k responds to the
luscious, pale a-s cheeks of the fourth girl.
Her purple sheer nightie has ridden up over
her heart-shaped a-s, revealing her matching
thong as she starts to gag on the rubber d–k
suction-cupped to the glass topped coffee
table. “I can do this!” the girl exclaims,
taking a deep breath and sliding her lips
back down the realistic looking c–k. Holy s–
That’s Lauren’s voice! My d–k is hard and
I’m having perverted thoughts about my 18-
year-old sister. I guiltily look away from her
scrumptious a-s cheeks and try to forget
what her lips look like sliding down that fake
“I thought you said you had done this
before,” laughs one of the girls, pulling my
attention back to the couch. The other three
girls are wearing similar outfits, sheer baby
doll nighties with matching thong p@nties.
The only variation seems to be the color.
“I have done it before,” my sister protests,
“but with a real d–k! This thing isn’t
working for me. I need a real d–k.” Lauren
sits back on her heels and laughs along with
her friends.
“There appears to be one in the hallway!”

The cute black girl sitting closest to me says
as she smiles in my direction. F–k! Busted! I
might as well take the offensive and try to
put Lauren on the defense.
“Brandon!” Lauren screams, jumping to her
feet as I step into the room.
Her t–s bounce temptingly inside the cups of
the purple nightie. “What the f–k are you
doing here?”
“Never mind about me? What the f–k is all
of this?” I sweep my arm towards the coffee
table where, besides the suction cupped d—o
there are several vibrators and other
assorted s-x toys. “What’s going on here?”
I’m six years older than Lauren and I’ve been
living with my girlfriend for the past couple of
years. I crash at my parents’ house
whenever Kelly and I fight, which seems to
be happening quite often lately.
“We’re having a sleepover,” Lauren says as if
that explains all of this. While she’s getting
outraged with me, I’m checking out her
girlfriends. It’s like looking at a live action
Victoria Secret’s ad. There’s the African-
American girl who spotted me in the hallway.
My eyes zero in on the yellow nightie barely
covering her impressive chest. Next to her is
Kristina, Lauren’s petite blonde friend from
down the street, looking pretty in her pink
lingerie. Finally, on the other end of the
couch is a tall brunette all decked out in the
sexiest shade of red.
“A sleepover?” I ask, raising my eyebrows as
I appraise their outfits. The tops are sheer
except for the bra-like cups around their b—–
s. In actuality, except for the thong, they
don’t show much more than a skimpy bikini
but somehow it is much more enticing when
it’s lingerie.

“We had a lingerie party,” the black girl
explains, smiling without a hint of
embarrassment. “Do you like our outfits?”
She stands and twirls around giving me a
great view of her full, round a-s cheeks.
“Alex!” Lauren admonishes her. “That’s my
“Well, you should at least introduce us,” Alex
answers, stepping forward with her hand
extended. “I’m Alexis but you can call me
Alex.” She smiles as I shake her hand.
“Brandon,” my sister takes over the
introductions. “You know Kristina,” she says,
pointing to her friend in the pink nightie. I
nod in her direction.
“Hello, Brandon,” Kristina smiles demurely.
“And this is Kylie.” The tall brunette stands
up and extends her hand.
“Nice to meet you, Brandon,” she says,
making eye contact. D–n! We’re almost the
same height and I’m a little over six feet.
“My pleasure,” I answer, shaking her hand,
which is surprisingly small and feminine
given her stature.
While being introduced to her friends, I steal
surreptitious glances at my sister. She has
really filled out over the past couple of years.
Something I hadn’t noticed during my
previous visits. Of course, she wasn’t
wearing Sekxy lingerie any of those times.
F–k! My c–k is hardening again. This is so
“What are you doing here?” Lauren asks,
drawing my attention back.
“I needed a place to stay,” I shrug without
further explanation. I’m about to ask her
whether mom knows what she’s up to but
my sister and I have an unspoken agreement
about not embarrassing each other in front
of our friends.
“Well,” I smile at the Sekxy foursome. “Sorry
to have interrupted. I’ll just head up to my
room and leave you girls to your fun. Where
are mom and dad?” I ask.

To be continued


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