This is a fictional story based on my
imagination.On a normal tense it seem
like love doesn’t exist but the statement
is ironical.There is no force as the power
of love.,nothing like love it all about love,
betrayal,Anger, hatred, tears etc.

Tare dashed out of the bathroom
excited, she greated everyone she found
on the quee waiting for her.She got to
her face me i face you room which she
shared with her aunt.It was her first day
as freshman to attend lectures at the
prestigious university of jos.
Are you done already?
Yes Aunty,I will be leaving now.
Be a good girl, aunt mophy said and
squeezed 100 note into her hand.
You don’t have to do these aunty, you’v
rendered so much help already.
Don’t mention dear,am always willing to
help you in whichever way I can.Tare
carried her polythene bag that was
hanged at one side of the unpainted wall,
and left after bading her aunt goodbye.
Tare is 17, the first child of 5children,her
parents had borrowed from friends and
well wishers for her to pay for her fees
and other requirements.
one could tell she was really poor, the
gown she wore had lost it original colour
of purple to milk, coupled with the bag
she carried that contained her books,she
looked no different from a puppet.
30minutes later, she found herself in the
lecture hall,all eyes turned their gaze on
her.She had never felt that embrassed in
her life,if wishes were horses the ground
would have swallowed her that minute.It
was obvous she was late, she found an
empty seat in between two girls and sat
down .They only made the matter worst
by covering their nose with their
palms.She had felt so intimidated and
ran out of the lecture room in tears.

Richard Ayiba-emi, the only son of multi-
billonaira. A Tall and well built guy
stepped out of the lecture room,he
smiled as he enjoyed the looks he got
from the girls.At age 19, he looked older
than his age, handsome enough to be
called a black God.The lecture didn’t
hold as a result of the lecturer’s
absence.He walked to his car and drove
off, at least the thought of girls that
trailed their eyes on him compensated
him for the lecture that didn’t
hold. He couldn’t put up a reasonable
excuse for his dad for not letting him
study abroad even with his wealth but
concluded within himself to let sleeping
dogs lie.
Michelle tossed around her bed, unable
to get some sleep. the beauty queen
fantasized about the guy she had seen
earlier at the gsc class.She stayed off
camp with her best friend Vanessa.After
some hours of tossing and turning she
stood up to watch a telenovela.

To be continued


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