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List Of American Artists And Their Real Names; Nicki Minaj , Jay Z, Justin Bieber , Lil Wayne


List Of American Artists And Their Real Names; Nicki Minaj , Jay Z, Justin Bieber , Lil Wayne

After Many Years of Living in America, they Thought they can just Change their Names but we still Remember them.
1. Kendrick Lamar = Kennedy Malama
2. Nicky Minaj = Naomi Mulenga
3. Miley Cyrus = Milika Suwilanji
4. Lil Wayne = Loyd Wamulima
5. Keri Hilson = Karen Hichilema
6. Birdman = Benad Mambwe
7. Rick Ross = Richard Loza
8. Chris Brown = Christopher Bwalya
9. Kanye West = Kanyembo Weston
10. Wiz Kalifa = William Kachinga
11. Keysha Cole = Katisha Nkole
12. School Boy = Simukoko Boyd
13. Akon = Akim Nyonyi
14. Beyonce Knowles = Belinda Katongo
15. Mike Will Made It = Mike Mulongoti
16. Mariah Carey = Maliya Chali
17. Rita Ora = Ranti Oran
18. Jay-Z = Jackson Zulu
19. Taylor Swift = Towela Sikazwe
20. Pitbull = Peter Banda
21. Sean Kingston = Soko Kasengele
22. Jay Sean = Jack Sakala
23. Trey songs = Tom Soko
24. Justin Bieber = Justin Nimbwa
25. Jennifer Lopez = Jannet Lombe
26. T.I = Titus Inumbwa
27. Will Smith = Wile Simata
28. R Kelly = Ronard Ketelesha
29. Kirk Franklin = Kabwe Fofwa Chilekwa
30. Rihanna = Sofiya Mpande.
31. Chris Rock = Chris Chibwe

Know more? kindly drop their fullnames via comment section.

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