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How To Get A Quick Loan Without Collateral


How To Get A Quick Loan Without Collateral

Did you know that there’re online Nigerian-based platforms that offer short term quick loans without collateral? So if you need to get a loan in 24hours, it’s possible with Paylater and QuickCheck . These platforms claim to offer seamless and painless loans. Keep reading to learn how to get a loan from any of these platforms.


Paylater works 24/7 and gives feedback within minutes. You need no collateral to apply for loan on this platform.

How To Get A Loan On Paylater

1. Download and Install the Paylater app form Google Playstore.
2. Fill the necessary details, complete the loan application and apply.
3. Application is processed and fund received within 5 minutes, otherwise if unsuccessful you will receive reason(s).

To Know More About Paylater, Click Here

Making on-time repayments can grant you access to higher loan for your next loan.


This platform promises to give loan to individuals and small businesses.

How To Get A Loan On QuickCheck

1. Download and Install QuickCheck app from Playstore.
2. Fill the necessary details and submit loan application.
3. Application is processed and loan is received in 24hours.

To Know More About QuickCheck, Click Here

Repaying your loans on time helps build your credit score to unlock larger ones on QuickCheck.

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