My name is Isaac Oluwapamilerin
Daniella. Everybody calls me Pamilerin
except my Dad, who only calls me
I can classify myself as a good girl
because I was raised well by my
Parents. I’m not an introvert and I’m not
an extrovert either. Let me just say I’m
in between.
Tunde and I are level mate, same
department. We’ve been very good
friends since 100 level. He’s the best
student in class with the highest CGPA
followed by me, making us the best two
student in class. By the time we got to
200l I realized he had feelings for me.
Truth be told I have feelings for him too.
The eye contact we exchange in class,
especially during practicals when we are
grouped together and all that but we shy
away from it.
What attracted me to him was the fact
that he was brilliant, tall and handsome.
I love brilliant guys. And all my male
friends back home are brilliant as well.
One fateful day, he told me after class
that he’d like to discuss something with
me. I was scared because I know what
he wanted to say.
He held my hands. “Pamilerin, I like you,
I know we are friends and all but I want
us to take this friendship to another
“Another level! I don’t get you” I
pretended as if I don’t understand what
he was saying.
“I know you know what I mean, but if
you want me to say it out loud I will”
“So say it out loud”
“I want you to be my girl, I really like
“I like you too but I don’t like the idea of
dating my class mate. We see each
other every day” I explained.
“That shouldn’t be a barrier, or what do
you think”
“I’ll think about it”
“Please do, I hope I’ll get a positive

I just smiled at him. Tunde finally let it
out, and profess his love for me.
“See you tomorrow Tunde” I said and
walked away.
I came back from school and I met
commotion at my lodge.
“What’s going on here” I asked one of
my lodge mate.
“Its Bolu’s parent o they came to pack
her things”
“Why is that?”
“You won’t believe it, she has been
rusticated since 100l and she never told
her parent about it”
“That’s not possible, she do go for
classes, in fact I’ve met her in lecture
theaters severally and if during exams
we go for night classes together”
“She’s just acting o, she no more a
student of this school”
“Pamilerin, so you don’t know all this
while, I have known since” Another girl in
my lodge joined the conversation.
“Really, I never noticed, because most
times we even go to school together in
the morning”
“Her parents thought she was in final
year o, and she’s been collecting school
fees from them o.
“Na only school fees pain you, she even
collected #200,000 for project.
“Jesus! This is so unfair to her parents
“Thank God for the good Samaritan that
revealed the truth to them”
“She even denied it, not until her parent
went to her so called department and
discovered the whole truth”
“This is so sad, She made a big mistake,
she should have open up to them or
better still use all the money she’s been
collecting to get a Jamb form and try

“She wrote Jamb twice after she was
rusticated, but she was denied
“It’s not compulsory she stays in this
school, she should have opt for another
“If she change university the truth go
come out na, you know the thing weh
pain me pass?”
“What is it?” I asked
“She’s the only child o, and she’s making
her parent suffer and waste money like
“Eh ya, but its not to late, she can still
start all over again, I believe she has
learnt her lessons”
“If na my papa o, no school for you
again o. He don finish for you be that”
“That won’t help her, I believe she can
still start all over again, everyone
deserves a second chance” I said
Bolu’s parents were through packing her
things with the help of some guys. They
all entered into the car. Bolu was sitting
at the back seat. I walked up to her and
held her hand. While her Dad was still
doing one or two things in the car. I
seize the opportunity to have a word
with her.
“Bolu you don’t have to cry, tears won’t
repair all the damage. Just make sure
you don’t give up on your self”
“Thank you Pamilerin” she sniffed.
“You can start afresh, you can be
whatever you want to be. All you need is
“Thank you my daughter” her mummy
said to me.
“Its nothing ma, please ma, don’t give up
on her. I know how you feel right now,
but its not the end of the road for her”
“Thank you dear” she said
“Thank you, thanks for the advice, I’ll try
my best” Bolu Dad said
“You are welcome sir, I pray you and
mummy will reap the fruit of your labor”
“Amen” they chorused.
I faced Bolu, it’s not a crime to fall, but
the most important is too rise again.
May God be with you”
“Amen” she nodded, crying out loud.
“I will give you a call” I said
She nodded.
“Safe journey” I said and waved at them
as the car took off.
I went straight to my room and crashed
on my bed, I was tired and famished at
the same time.
I thought about Bolus case again, I really
felt sorry for her parent.

To be continued


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