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What influence teenage moms to abort their babies?


What influence teenage moms to abort their babies?

In developed countries, around 6.7 million abortions are performed every year, which most of it are performed on teens aged 19 or younger. Research shows there is an association between mothers and daughters in the timing of a first pregnancy ending in a live birth said, Dr Joel Ray, studies say there were 73518 daughters whose mothers had had at least one abortion ( exposed group) and 358105 daughters whose mothers had none(unexposed group);. in the exposed group, the probability of having an abortion during their teenage years was 10.1% compared with 4.2% in the unexposed group.

As the majority of those abortions (94.5%) occurred before 15 weeks gestation, it is unlikely that the reason was a generic or birth defect in the fetus in most cases and it may be reasonable to assume social indications.

There was also a dose-response effect:
the greater number of abortions in the mother, the greater the number of abortions in her teenage daughter, that doesn’t go with everybody. If a young woman has greater social challenges, including poor school performance, separation from a biological parent, lower parental education, and receipt of income support.

further research is needed to determine if parents cold reduce unprotected sex in teens, as well as understand the major factors that contribute not only to teen pregnancy but also to the decision to have an abortion or maintain a pregnancy, says Dr, Ray.

in conclusion, study limitations include a lack of information on the fathers, the marital status and education levels of both mother and daughter, or family dynamics and attitudes.

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