Mother’s stress pregnancy could affect their baby

If a mother is stressed for a long period during pregnancy, it will make the amniotic fluid rises and she might be facing a risk of the unborn child developing a mental illness later in life. such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or cardiovascular disease increases. The precise mechanism of how stress affects the baby in the womb is not yet clarified.

Researchers say physical stress to the mother can change the metabolism in the placenta and influence the growth of the unborn child. whenever we are stressed, our body releases hormones to handle the higher stress, its called corticotropin-releasing hormone, which cause an increase in stress hormone cortisol.

However, this increase can also have negative consequences an excessive acceleration of growth may occur at the expense of the proper maturation of the organs. To determine whether the placenta also release stress hormones, a researcher compared the cortisol level in the mother’s saliva with the CRH level in the amniotic fluid and determined that there was no connection, so that means the baby remains protected against negative effects in case of acute, short-term stress to the mother, the higher the stress hormone is it can accelerate the growth of the fetus.

In conclusion, pregnant women who are exposed to longer-term stress situation to seek support from a therapist to handle the stress better. Stress during pregnancy cannot be avoided, however, A secure bond between the mother and child after the birth can neutralise negative effects of stress during pregnancy.

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