No carbohydrates diet for pregnant woman could harm fetus

A study at Univesity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has found that pregnant women and woman wishing to get pregnant should avoid diets that reduce or eradicate carbohydrates from their diet. it shows that that observing such diets might raise their risk of having babies with defects of brain and spine due to problems in the development of the neural tube. women who lower their carbohydrate intake are at least 30 percent more likely to have babies born with neural tube defects.

Those defects include
non-development and absence of a large part of the brain and skull
deformities of the spine and vertebral column
These deformities are usually severe enough to cause infant death and lifelong disability. as we know maternal diet before and during early pregnancy plays a significant role in fetal development.

the researchers looked at 11,285 pregnant women from different places and they found out that a total of 9,545 mothers who went home with liveborn infants without a birth defect and 1.740 women who had stillbirths and infant deaths due to spina bifida and anencephaly.

studies have shown that folic acid present in diets or administered as supplementation can reduce the risk of neural tube defects in the baby and also the level of folate are below the requisite levels in over 20 percent of women. During these initial months, the baby needs folate for a healthy development of various organs and organ systems including the spine and the brain. providing folate later in pregnancy may be futile in that case.

in conclusion, fortified grains and foods with folic acid remain the best source of dietary folate. due to low carbohydrate consumptions, this dietary folate is restricted leading to neural tube defects. as for now, this should serve as a warning.

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