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Stress could increase heart disease risk


Stress could increase heart disease risk

According to a new study stress in early life may change the immune response in the kidneys, increasing the risk of heart disease later in life. previous research has shown that traumatic events in childhood may lead to high blood pressure in adults, often a precursor to heart disease and also increase markers of inflammation.

The research team looked at the kidneys of rats separated from their mothers soon after birth and it shows that the kidneys are a major regulator of long-term blood pressure. They found that male rats in a separeted group had a higher concentration of T cells and neutrophils separated to a control group not separated from their mothers.

in addition, the separated rat’s kidneys had an increase in biomarkers that are indicative of inflammation and promoting immune responses. reasearchers say these changes may play an important role in promoting cardiovascular disease earlier and more robustly in adulthood

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