Everyone was on their nerves end. Somehow,
a lot of delay had to take place, a lot of
technical jargons was involved, jargons
which I only understood the part that said
my Naza was still alive. Then the doctor and
his team disappeared.
Nobody slept into the night. My father and
her father had left. Willie was there, Nelo too.
I had asked Shape to go home. Her presence
there was freaking every one out and would
also freak Naza out if she woke up and see
her there.
5 am, I was seated at the hospital’s lounge
and nodding away. Willie was already
sleeping away with Nelo’s head on his laps.
He thought the whole place was boring. So
many beautiful Chica nurses to look at but
no access to them because his other half
was there with a leash on him.
6:35 am and we were all brought in to her
My mom and her mom taking the lead. My
feet dragged from guilt and tiredness as we
all flocked into her room. She was lying there
on the bed, looking exhausted and the
hospital cradle was by her side, the baby
cries filling the whole of it. I saw the smile
break out on my mother’s face as Naza mom
put her hands to her chest in a deep show of
emotion. I think she actually cried or was
close to. I kept staring at the cradle from a
afar like it was my semester result. I couldn’t
get closer because my heart was pounding
and I didn’t know why.
“Hei, come and see Chinecherem junior o!”
Nelo yelled, digging her hands into the
cradle. Her mother hushed her.
“Do you want to infect him?” She said and I
frowned. A him? Apparently, Naza had won.
Willie rushed at the baby and smiled. He
turned to me and nodded.
“No dispute bro. This one is yours. Carbon
I turned to Naza with a pitiful look in my
face. I felt like I needed her permission to see
the baby. I had hurt her deeply and
something was telling me that she would
shush me away from the kid.
She threw her face to the wall, away from my
eyes. Soon, everyone was all over her,
congratulating and asking how she was
Only Nelo threw a congratulation at me. I
took the chance and sneaked up to the
It was the most beautiful thing I had ever
Clean as crystal and handsome like his
father, his mother’s skin. He was a neat ball
of human flesh, the most beautiful boy I had
ever seen.
Maybe it was because he was mine. I didn’t
care. He was the most beautiful by his
father’s standard, by my own very standard.
Yes! I was the father. I fell in love
immediately and was nearly moved to tears. I
was the lawful owner of a living thing. I am
the father to a handsome baby boy. I was the
daddy to my sweetheart’s son. I loved the
feeling. The thrill was extraordinary.
“I love you,” I murmured.
“Please stay away from him,” Naza said at
me. Everyone went quiet for a split second.
Then Chinelo asked “Why?”
My heart thumbed.
“Nothing, just stay away from my baby,” she
My father came in at that instance and her
father too.
They had been called up the moment we
were ushered into the room. You could easily
see the happiness in both their faces. The
baby was beautiful and I thought giving Naza
the unwanted pregnancy was worth it after
all. I just thought it, I didn’t say it out.
And then the doctor walked in with the
matron, a baby wrapped in a fluffy white
towel in her arms and a broad smile on her
face. I watched with confusion all over me.
So did everyone else except Naza.
“The second one. A beautiful baby girl,” the
woman said and my jaw dropped.

“Wait, from where? Did you store them in a
warehouse?” My father asked. Everyone
laughed and then fell on the baby girl as she
was la!d near her brother. They were twins. It
was like Christmas. Naza and I both got the
present we wished for. The girl was an
improved version of her brother. I was
guessing she would be more beautiful than
Naza. Naza was smiling this time around and
she didn’t stop even when stole a glance
from her.
“Who came first?” I asked, lost in Joy.
“The boy,” the woman said. I smiled.
“Naza I hope your b0s0m is ready?” Nelo
asked and ran to her on the bed.
The laughter was in her eyes but not her
“Congratulations,” the doctor said, holding
his hand out to my father. My father picked it
up in a firm handshake. “It wasn’t easy, your
wife is really a strong one and your twins are
beautiful,” he said. My father snatched his
hadn’t away and I tool the doctor’s hand
without being offered, a broad smile on my
“Thank you,” I sang out and everyone
“Why are you all just looking? Carry them,
they don’t have teeth yet and won’t bite,” the
doctor said and everyone scampered for the
little doves. My mother got the boy and
Naza’s mother got the girl. Nelo and Willie
were all over the them with camera flashes.
Everyone was happy, fully happy except I and
Naza. We were happy but not as much as we
ought to be. I messed up and the babies
were welcomed between two feuding parents.
Nevertheless, they were very beautiful and
everyone loved them. And then my father
drew closer to me. Somehow, I just knew he
was going to misyarn.
“So the work is split in two. I buy one
pampers and you buy the other one,” he
whispered. Everyone heard and everyone
laughed. I and Naza inclusive.
“Hmmm hmmm,” Naza’s father cleared his
throat and turned to Nelo and Willie. “When
are you two having yours?”
“If you try that rubbish eh!” My mom yelled.

To be continued


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