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Screensaver, my world was all a picture of
those little cute things. Naza was always
trying her best to keep me away but in the
end, she will end up asking for me. We loved
being around them and so did everybody. It
wasn’t much of a public something but few
people did come. It was easy for me as I
wasn’t footing the bills. Naza looked sweet
still but all stressed up. Either she was
cuddling them to sleep or she was b0s0m
feeding them. It wasn’t easy and she was
always taking the stress out on me.
She would never take a minute break to tell
me how unreliable I was. How much of a bad
father I was going to be and she needed a
better role model for our pumpkins, she
didn’t need me around them and bla bla bla. I
was at a time getting pissed at the constant
nagging even though I deserved them to an
extent but then, Naza was decorating me
with it. But then, whenever I look at those
two magnificences she had produced for me,
I was always calm with a smile on my face.
“And this is how you do it,” she said and
clipped the diaper. I just crossed my hands
and watched. She just needed another
argument otherwise, I didn’t see any
difference between what she just did and
what I had done. The baby girl just lay on
the bed in Chinaza’s room giggling gibberish.
Chinelo was at the corner, waiting to have a
laugh of her life. Chinaza had insisted the
babies had no name yet until she is able to
sit down and think out a name them. For
now, everybody can only call them baby boy
and baby girl. Baby boy was already asleep
on the bed.
“So what did I just do?” I asked calmly. She
picked the baby and dropped her next to her
“You clipped the diaper too hard. It will feel
squeezy on her and will slow down the
passage of blood,” she explained slowly. I
carved a smile out the corner of my mouth.
“Did she complain?” I asked slowly, moving
back to avoid a slap that might spring up.
And we were done for the day. She rarely
talks sense to me these days so it’s either
she is pummeling me with words or she was
iterating how much the babies eyes looked
like mine or how they had oval faces like
mine, all against her wish.
“I hope they don’t also grow up to be like
you too,” she would say and let out a loud
So I kept staring at the babies. They were
real cute and comfy to hold. I had to wake
the girl up again. I wanted to carry her to my
Chinaza had gone to take her bath so it was
all convenient for me. She let out a baby cry
and I picked her from the bed into my arms.
She stopped crying and I kept taking in the
fresh baby scent from her body. I love the
way new born babies smell. We were at our
father and daughter business when Naza
walked in, all wet with just a towel to cover
her Sekxy body.
“Who woke her up?” she asked, accusing me
with her eyes already.
“I was on my way out when she started
crying,” I defended.
“Then what happened?” she asked
rhetorically and took her from me.
“I don’t know, maybe the diaper was squeezy
on her,” I said with a mock smile. She rolled
her eyes and dropped the baby on the bed.
She cackled and we smiled, individually.
They were our new bond, the kids and we
loved them as much as we loved each other.
Chinaza wouldn’t admit it but I knew, we
both wished we could just come to terms
and tell each other how much happy we were
together with two beautiful ones in between

“Naza can we talk?” I asked her. She sat on
the bed, sharing her powder between her and
the giggling baby.
“About what?”
“Us, you and me.” I said, sitting on the bed
and grabbing the baby’s finger.
“Ok. Talk,” she said in a voice portraying no
“You know my love for you is taller than this
building?” I asked.
“Yes, I know but your fvck up is taller than
our church tower,” she replied. I ceased the
urge to laugh, I wanted to be serious this
time around.
“Yes. I am sorry for those things. I just love
you and now that we have these babies, I
want us to be closer like we used to be, even
more closer than we used to be,” I preached.
She sat on the bed beside me.
“You want us to be closer, now that we have
these babies? Do you want to have another
one?” she asked, trying to act like she
misunderstood me.
“Yes,” I said and nodded with a grin.
“And who will now marry me after I must
have given birth to 1 million children for
“I am here, I am not going into the
seminary,” I said.
“Me, marry you?” she asked.
“Yes, was that not the plan before?”
“No, I have changed my mind. I won’t even
trust you with my daughter when she grows
“So you are now saying that I will be running
after my own daughter?” I asked, getting
angry all of a sudden.
“Who knows?” she replied nonchalantly and
that was it. I vexed. Stood up and brushed
my trouser.

To be continued


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