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I am going,” I said and started walking for
the door, hoping she would call me back like
she always did the other days. She did no
such thing. I walked back to the bed.
My daughter was sleeping already, peacefully
and calmly. I bent low and pecked her cheek,
she woke up, much to Chinaza’s annoyance.
She snapped at me and my boy woke up
too. Good, if she was going to break my
heart like that then she deserved a little
punishment. She gave me her killer frown but
I was too angry to care. She once told me
that one of the reasons she loved me was
because of my capacity to do absolutely
stupid things, sleeping with her friend was
not one of them though. I bade my goodbyes
and headed for the door. She needed all the
space she can get, her b0s0m were about to
get busy.
And the days that followed were just like
She was punishing me for what I did and I
was even too ashamed to complain. So I
bought her a flower. A very big bouquet and
a teddy too.
Though it cost me much more than I had
expected. Never knew silly things like that
cost much, that comes from having a girl like
Chinaza that demands only for love and
nothing else. It pained me paying that much,
like a stuffed teddy going for 4k. I had
argued with the dealer that I was buying a
teddy bear and not a baby.
I eventually got a red one. Red was the color
of love and a red bouquet matched it. If she
rejects it, I was going to give the teddy to the
boy and the flowers to the girl. At least if I
wasn’t a good boyfriend, I would be a good
I was busy with the wrapping of the gifts in
the confines of my room. Youtube was
teaching me the job. Then Naza b@nged in.
She rarely knocked.
I hid the ribbon behind me, too clumsy that
she noticed.
“What are you doing?” she asked.
“I bought things, for the babies,” I
stammered. “And you.”
She came for them. Flipping them around
recklessly. Like she couldn’t give a shït,
breaking my heart while at it.
“Which one is mine?” She asked.
[B] “All of them, then decide the one you will
dash out to the babes,” I replied. She smiled.
A lovely smile.
“Will you forgive me and accept me and my
gift?” I asked.
“I am cursed with you,” she replied and sat
beside me.
“I love you very much,” I confessed.
[B] “I know, let’s go and change baby
diapers first.”
From my house to her house. That was our
new circle of life. None of those circles led us
into a bed though. She was uptight about
that part of our affair, again.
So I have really learnt a lot about taking care
of babies, the only part I still have a problem
with is breastfeeding them. I have never tried
that though, I don’t have big b0s0m like their
That’s the only part Naza would never invite
me to help her out with. We did every other
thing together. From changing their diapers
to singing them to sleep.
We finally gave them a name. It was on a
bright sunny day and their 2 months
birthday. Chinaza was feeling happy with
herself and every other person else. Reason
was she had a very nice sleep that night, at
my expense though. I had dealt with the
babies midnight cries while she slept away
on her bed with an earplug to her ear.
“See how beautiful she is looking,” she had
chirped while adjusting baby girl’s hair
“So do we call her beautiful?” I asked.
“No, what kind of name is that?”
“Then pretty?” I asked again. She shook her
“Call them Bonnie and Clyde,” Willie
“God forbid,” we shouted in unison.
“Benedict and Scholastica,” her mother

“Too churchy,” I m0aned.
“Call them John and Bull abeg. These foods
and drinks are getting old,” Willie
complained, eyeing the food on the table.
“Fine, we will think about it,” Naza said.
Willie got up from the sopha and made for
the steaming food and drinks.
“Let’s eat first,” he said. Naza moved the
table farther from him.
“No, we will eat after we had thought out a
name for the babies.”
Everyone grumbled. Then we sat there, for
over 15 minutes, searching for Sekxy names
for our beautiful babies. Naza had allowed
nobody else to suggest a name for them, she
would do it herself. Apparently, it wasn’t that
easy. 2 months gone and she was still at it.
We were so naive at that parenting of a thing
and worse still, they came in twos.
“We will give you two 10 more minutes to
say something or we will give them whatever
names we like,” My father said finally.
“Yes, 10 minutes,” Willie supported, spinning
a bottle of Heineken in his hands.
“Chinecherem, you name the girl and your
wife will name the boy,” my father finalized.
The time started ticking. We had our eyes on
each other. Who would have thought that an
ordinary task of naming babies could put one
in so much a hot seat.
“Tick- tock” “Tick-tock” “Tick- tock” the
time ticked and then 12 minutes gone, we
had 2 minutes grace.
“So, are you ready?” he asked again.
The ladies around were laughing out at our
anxiety. We nodded.
“1 – 2 – 3 – Go!” Willie called.
“Chinaza,” I snapped and Naza followed it
up with “Chinecherem.”
“Good, now we can eat, ” Willie said and
reached for the table. Everyone followed suit.
I and Naza kept staring at each other, like we
needed to verify if we had chosen the right
names. Willie took a long drag of the green
bottle and smirked his lips.
“Ehe, what did you say their names were
again?” he asked.
“Star and lager,” Chinaza answered with a

To be continued


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