Freda wasn’t just a girl I wanted a mere fling
with, I had loved her, like so genuinely and
she had loved me back. I thought I could
manage her with Naza but I soon came to
realize that it was easier managing five
estates than managing two magnificent
beauties. Freda had wanted me and
everything about me, she didn’t want to leave
any part of me for Naza. That was so
impossible because Naza was the Queen.
Freda could easily be likened to a princess.
She was sweet in her own ways but she gave
me no space to run my extra package. She
spent more time in my house than she spent
in hers and when Naza had come back from
school to catch her in my room with her top
off and her bra on the way to going off too,
the devil had his laugh.
Naza was just herself then and there. She
had tapped Freda on the laps and pointed at
my door.
“Get out,” she had said calmly but her eyes
were brimstones. Freda had opened and
closed her mouth, sharing quick glances
between the door, Naza and I. I swallowed
Naza was obviously fidgeting for a fight and
it sure wouldn’t be a fight between them.
Naza would beat her silly. Don’t ask how I
knew, I just know.
“Naza,” I started but she held her finger to
her lips, gesturing me to keep my mouth
“Shut up!” she had snapped at me and
turned to Freda. “I said get out!” she had
yelled it this time around.
I got lucky, my door opened and Willie
walked in.
We made eye contact and he turned to

“Frey come,” he had said to her. She didn’t
waste a breath. She had grabbed her top
and ran to Willie and they bounced out of my
room. Naza turned to me. I opened my
mouth and closed them again and then
opened them again.
“I was helping her stitch her top,” I
stammered. She had pushed me to the bed
and walked out on me.
I sacrificed the bunch of flowers on our
dining to win her back to me again and when
it was over, only the flower vase was left.
Freda did try to take me away from her but
she hit a rock at it.
I loved her though and she loved me too but
she didn’t want to share me and I didn’t
want to lose Naza. We were just 17 then and
I was in my Ss3 class.
Now we were at the church and a bell inside
of me kept ringing. The bell that always rang
each time I was going to kick it off with a
girl. Naza happens to hear that bell most
times whenever we were together and when
it was offering time, she made us change
seat to a totally different section of the
church. The married people section. Like I
said, I can never eye a married woman and
Naza knew that.

To be continued


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