And we went to church. The twins cuddled to
my hand and Chinaza strapping all the baby
kits, we went to church together, the first
after a long while now. We had loved going
to church together when we first started our
love story but had stopped when we saw
how much of a barrier it was to some certain
things we loved doing at the church. Like for
example, Naza loved committing to God
entirely whenever she was at the church, a
thing so impossible if I was around to
distract her with stupid talks. I loved to ogle
at the girls around. Chinaza knew that and
would never let me have a moment peep at
any cute chic. To her, my attention should be
at the altar at all times but I do get bored
looking at something that hardly changes.
The altar is always the same design and it’s
always the same priest and the same method
of worship but the chics around? Mehn, they
are always coming in different shapes and
sizes and designs too.
But today, we went together. I needed to help
Naza hold the babies. She had disagreed
with every reason why she should just put
them to sleep and come to the church. After
all, it was a 2 hours affair and she would
soon be home to them. We sat together, side
by side, like couples. I didn’t complain. Naza
was cute so I was cool with it. Everything
worked out just fine, Naza held Chinecherem
while I held Chinaza. She spent more time
trying not to make him remember he would
be needing a sU-Ck of the b0s0m so I was
able to sneak a look at different girls at a
time. Most of them had their eyes on us. We
were one hell of a cinema, prolly the
youngest couple in the church at that

Like I said, everything went just fine until the
door was opened to latecomers, that was
before the sermon took place. A lot of them
latecomers flooded into the church. Then my
eyes locked with this very pretty girl. She
flashed me a pretty smile and I flashed her
one back. I turned to ensure Naza wasn’t
aware of the mild eye romance happening
between us. I turned and met her, face to
face, eyeball to eyeball. She wasn’t smiling
and her teeth dug into her natural pink lips.
“Are you still talking with Freda?” she asked
me. I shook my head rigorously.
“Why were you staring at each other then?”
she asked me again. I shrugged.
“Nothing. Our eyes just met besides I haven’t
even seen in over a hundred years and I told
you I don’t like her name.”
“You don’t like her name or you don’t like
“I don’t know again, let’s not start arguing
about a girl right here in the church. Besides,
you are far better looking than she is so you
have no need to be jealous or complain,” I
said and turned to face the altar. I wasn’t
“I am better looking than all of those girls
you are always running after,” she said.
I turned to her with a smile at the corner of
my face. She had one on hers too.
“Don’t brag,” I whispered. She struck my
“Face the altar,” she commanded. I did just
that, with one of my eyes though. The other
was on Freda and she had all her attention
on me.

To be continued


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