My head spun in a wide circle. What the Fork
is happening? After this long years of
marriage, and still Titiloye can’t still accept
spankings? No matter how light? She still
can’t find it in her heart to accept the full
I sat down on the bed heavily.. And stared at
her dry cunt. It’s drier than the deserts of
sokoto. I shook my head. But Fork it! I need
to tie a woman down, spank her cunt, push
her to the very limits before I feel satiated.
A woman’s pleasure is mine as I’ve showed it
to her a million times over, but I guess it’s all
for naught. I can only get her wet the vanilla
way, and for years, it’s been my only succour
with her.
Now, it seems like all aspects of S£x is
disgusting to her and she’s shrivelled up! I
don’t even understand her anymore. I tried
my best to discuss our S£x life with her, but
whenever i bring it up, she shrivels up like a
dried prune.
I shuddered in distaste. I need the spicy edge
of S£x to inflame me, to push me past the
edge of crazy boundaries, and I thought it
best to introduce this into my marriage. I’ve
been doing it slowly over the years, but still,
I’m not making an impact.

She flat out refuses my advances to delve
into more adventurous S£x play, and frankly,
it’s starting to bore me! I cannot understand
why a woman, a married one at that,
wouldn’t want to try out new things in
marriage! S£x especially! This S£x issue is
getting to be a bone of contention, and it’s
not making things cool again.
This woman has changed! She isn’t the
pretty free woman i married in my early
teens- she’s even more beautiful and due to
her obsession with her body, it’s toned and
incredibly flawless.

Infact, after the birth of our baby, Tiwa,
whom she gave birth to at 23, she kept on
nagging me about her sagging breasts (not
even a sag) and stretch marks- which were
figments, until I paid for a thorough make
over and she got a brand new body.
And we tried harder, but were unable to have
other kids. I met her at a family gathering
and her tinkling smile was my weakness. I
saw her that day and vowed to make her my
I succeeded, but it seems like, things have to
take a new turn in our relationship, or I’m
giving up totally. S£x is an integral part of my
life, and I’m tired of keeping it under a leash.
I rushed in from my boyfriends place. We
were supposed to Fork tonight-for the first
time, but my mom called my phone and I had
to stop all the play. Sope wasn’t really happy
about the disruption- he was Bleeping my
cunt with his tongue and his J0yst!ck was
buried in my throat.
I was sopping wet and I had images of riding
that glorious J0yst!ck at last- but my mom
smashed that dream. I fumed in anger.. I’ve
never met a 45 year old woman who’s as
bitter as my mom!

To be continued


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