Mr Williams Brown; exhaled slowly as he
relaxed into a sofa, he smiled at his wife-
Barbra before turning his attention to his
children. His children were his source of
joy, what more can a fulfilled man like him
ask for?
Kemi-28yrs was married and living in a
different state.
Dapo- 25yrs was preparing to go for his
Cassandra-22yrs was in her first year in the
state university.
Sasha-17yrs was in her final year in
secondary school.
Kola-14 yrs was in secondary school too.
He smiled absent mindedly, he was a
fulfilled man.
“Honey, what are you smiling at?” Barbra
“At your beautiful face” williams said
winking at her,
“Dad, mom, can you please lower your
voices.” Kola quipped his eyes glued to the
huge TV.
“Why?” Williams laughed
“this movie is very interesting and…and…
your voice is distracting us.” cassandra
replied with her eyes fixed to the TV too.
“Oh yeah! End of season 1, Kola please slot
in the next season.” Dapo said excitedly as
the movie stopped playing.
“what the name of the movie?” Barbra
asked him
“Merlin” Dapo replied in a deep voice to the
amusement of his siblings.
“Where’s Sasha?” Williams directed the
question to no one in particular.
“In the room” Cassandra replied.
“Why? Why isn’t she watching the movie
with you?” He queried.
The children exchanged glances before
“She said she can’t watch devilish movies.”
“Devilish movies?” he echoed.
“yes dad” Cassandra laughed before
“I wonder which one is devilish between the
chinese movies she watches and Merlin.”
“that girl is just an…”Dapo cut his remark
short when he saw Sasha walking into the
livng room.
The room fell silent as everybody fixed their
gaze to the Tv. Williams laughed quitely,
was it that they were all scared of her or
“Hi chacha…”Kola smiled at her.
“hi pukeface” Sasha replied curling up in a
“stop calling me pukeface!” Kola pouted his
“stop calling me chacha.” she replied
shuffling through the pages of a novel.
Dapo made some signs to Kola to keep him
shut, they all weren’t ready for Sasha’s
Williams watched his daughter as she
peered at the novel she was holding, she
was just a different specie in the family, no
wonder Barbra calls her an ‘oddball’. She’ve
got wierd behaviours.
Sometimes he is forced to believe she is
possessed, the way she does things; the
dreadlocks on her head is even worsening
the situation.
She looked up momentarily, their eyes
locked for a while, he smiled at her, she
didn’t smile, she just peered into her novel
some more.
“Oh my God….Authur is so funny!” Kola
laughed out loud.
“and what’s so funny, that you can’t keep it
to your self? Do you have to cackle this
loud?” Sasha queried.
Cassandra pressed pause on the remote
control, before turning to face her sister
“He wasn’t laughing with your mouth
oddball” she snapped.
“You need not remind me -big mouth!”
Sasha sat up.
“now that enough! Sasha apologise to
Cassie, you should never insult someone
older than you.” Dapo said authoratively.
“Who made you the judge? You had better
pray for your name to be enlisted amongst
the next NYSC batch, Mr Cheapskate!”
Sasha relied making a face.
“Sasha!” Barbra reprimanded her daughter.
“Oh please mom! Spare that! You all heard
Cassie when she called me an Oddball.”
she rose to her feet.
“Well that’s what you are,” Cassandra
“Being an oddball is a talent you would
never have! Rubbish!” Sasha shot at her
before stamping out of the room.
Barbra rubbed her forehead, she suddenly
felt a pang of headache, she groaned softly
as she snuggled into a sofa.
Cassandra hissed angrily, what was wrong
with her sister anyway? She thought.
Irritated she unpluged the Tv from the
socket. Dapo stood up and quitely walked
into his room with Kola following suit.
Williams shuddered, the atmosphere was
tensed. He wasn’t a fulfilled man after all.
His family wasn’t at peace.
Sasha yawned loudly as she knotted her
tie. Monday mornings were always her
best, she preferred weekdays to weekends;
maybe its because she sits at home doing
nothing during weekends.
She applied some olive-oil to her long;jet-
black dreadlocks, she stood to examine
herself before her mirror. Good to go she
thought as she searched her locker for a
rubberband, she needed to tie her locks
into a ponytail else it’ll keep falling to cover
her face.
“Morning Sassy-Locks!” Kola bounced into
the room, he was dressed for school too.
“thank God you’re here, help me tie it into a
ponytail.” Sasha handed over the band to
“Beautiful” He laughed
“Mum said you should come to the
dinning.” he added
“breakfast ready? Wow! Bring my bag
along.” Sasha said excitedly as she ran out
of the room..
Kola watched her leave. His sister can be
nice if she choose to be. He wondered why
she always turned into a Tigress during
“She is a mystery.” he shook his head

“Morning mum, morning dad..” Sasha
chirped as she walked into the dinning
“Hy cassie, morning brother Dapo.” she
hugged her brother and sister.
“You seem to be in a good mood, this
morning.” Barbra said biting into her bread
“yeah! Its monday!” she smiled slipping
into a chair beside her father.
“Whats so special about mondays?” Kola
asked pulling out a chair.
“my secret!” Sasha smirked.
“let me see…..errm…you weren’t born on a” Dapo sipped his coffee.
“so…so…so…eat your food quitely.” SaSha
pushed a plate of chips towards him.
“holla Kola, lets get going, bye everybody..”
Sasha squeaked as she collected her
pocket money from her father..
“Sassy-locks! Sassy lockie-lockie! I hail
thee!” Kenny sang as his bestfriend/cousin-
Sasha walked into the class room
“Kenny noni! I see you jare!” she saluted
“How far nah?” she said as she hugged
“how are your parents?” Kenny asked as
she squeezed into the desk they both
“Fine and you?”
“Fine too, I and Dapo spoke yesternight on
phone” Kenny added.
“Okay…” she whispered as she wiped some
dust off the desk.
“Good morning class!” A fair lady in NYSC
uniform walked into the class.
“Good morning ma!” the whole class

“This is S.S.3 right?” she asked
“Yes ma!” they chorused again.
“Okay…my name is Chinyere Akosa” she
scribbled her name on the board
“I’ll be taking you Biology, now let’s start
by you telling me your names.” she
motioned a boy
“My name is Naetochukwu Clement, I’m the
time keeper” the boy said.
“Good, next…” Chinyere continued.
On and on the introduction continued till it
got to the back seat.
“My name is Kenny Jide, I’m the head boy.”
“My name is Sasha Williams, you can call
me Sassy-locks. I’m the health prefect”.
Sasha said with grin.
“Sasha? Wow! I’ve heard alot about you.”
Chinyere couldn’t hide her suprise.
“Really? Hope you heard the good part”
Sasha winked.
Chinyere shuddered a little, she had heard
about Sasha’s wierd behaviours from other
teachers, she just prayed she won’t be a
victim to Sasha’s tactics.
“you know your mock exams are just few
weeks away, so we’re going to start
revising some topics you don’t inderstand
clearly.” Chinyere explained.
“So lets have suggestions…”
“I aunty” were the words that filled the air.
Majority of the class suggested
Reproduction as a topic.
“So what don’t you understand about
reproduction?” she asked.
Sasha cleared her throat, Chinyere’s heart
missed a beat.
“Personally, I don’t understand the Sekxual
reproduction in humans.” Sasha said with a
“Okay, then, lets start from the beginning,
that’s the asexual reproduction” Chinyere
said opening her books.
“No need for that ma.” Kenny stood up.
“We all understand all those ones, we even
understand Sekxual reproduction in plants,
its just the one in humans that we don’t
understand.” Kenny explained before sitting
“Yes” The class chorused in support.
“You see..aunty, what we don’t understand
is how the thing happens, like how the
sperms gets to meet the eggs…” Sasha
“Yes ma! And how the sperms came into
existence, how are they produced, and how
can they get out and meet the eggs.”
Kenny added further.
Chinyere couldn’t help but blush all over.
“Aunty, you are blushing?” Sasha
“See you in the next class” Chinyere said as
she hurriedly packed her books.
“Aunty, are you running away?” Kenny
“Aunty come back nah! Aunty come nah!”
the class called after her as she left in a
“No she shouldn’t run away, she should
come and teach us Biology! Rubbish!”
Sasha hissed, amidst the uproar of
Ever since their set came into the school,
no teacher ever taught them in peace, they
are known as ‘danger zone’ with Sasha and
Kenny as their Empress and Emperor

To be continued


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