Kemi offered her mother a hanky as she
wiped her tears with her palms. She really
felt sorry for her, she prayed she won’t get
carried away too.
“I got lost Kemi, I left my tracks, I wanted to
belong…” Barbra lamented amidst sobs.
“Its okay mum..” Kemi consoled her.
“I can’t blame your father, the blame is on
me…I’m such a f.ool…” Barbra wailed.
“Mum you can’t go on blaming yourself…
dad is at fault too! What matters now is
your happiness mum.” Kemi chided.
“Look, Kemi- I became pregnant in a few
weeks after our wedding, I won’t let your
father come near me…you came,I had
Dapo, then Cassie…althrough I can count
the number of time we were intimate…I
believed that if a man loves you , he won’t
care much about s.ex…” Barbra sniffed,
flicking away some tears.
“Sasha came along, then Kola…since then
we don’t do it anymore…its like your father
got used to it, he got used to me turning
him down…” she blew her nose into some
“Kemi…I had feelings too, but…but…I just let
my foolishness take over me….I bottled up
my feelings making the both of us suffer…”
Barbra let out a heart-rending sob.
“mum c’mon…its okay…stop crying huh?”
Kemi continued to rock her.
“My daughter, please..don’t make the
mistake I made…please,”
“Mum you should stop all this…atleast you
still have your marriage intact, everything
would be fine once more.” Kemi continued.
The door creaked, then a shuffling sound
like someone was behind the door.
Barbra quickly wiped her tears while Kemi
walked towards the door.
“Who’s there?” she asked snatching the
door open.
Nobody was at the door, she heard some
soft thumping sound dowm the hallway-
the person was running away.
Hissing angrily she walked back into the
“Nobody is there.” she informed her mother
who was still trying to put herself together.
Sasha ran into her room-panting.
That was close, she whistled, Kemi would
have sliced off her ears if she was caught.
She sat on a chair, analysing all she heard,
she couldn’t help but imagine the scenes
her mother talked about . What she could
digest was that ‘her father got another
woman pregnant because her mother
refused to sleep with him’.
She never knew that was a crime- she
shrugged indifferently.
The lyrics of a song by a Nigerian Musician
flashed across her minds eye.
‘…..agro na bastard…’
how comes she never knew intimacy was a
priority in marriage? Who would blame her?
She shrugged again.
No wonder the whole family went crazy
when they discovered she had a male
A smile spread across her face as she
remembered Kemi’s first question as soon
as they arrived Lagos.
“Are still a virgin?” Kemi had asked with a
stern look.
“Virgin? Yeeessss!” She had laughed in
She wasn’t a virgin at heart atleast not
after all the ‘mills and boons’ she had read.
She knew everything just that she never
knew being intimate was a necessity.
She decided to ask Cassandra who might
know ‘much’, but changed her mind- that
girl would sell her off with her loud mouth.
Maybe she should ask Kenny or Mike or
her new friends in Lagos? She considered
that foolish too.

“Sasha?” Kenny walked into the room
she jumped.
“Hey Sassy…I’ve missed you.” Kenny tried
to hug her.
“Leave me!” Sasha snapped regaining her
“Haven’t forgiven a brother yet?” Kenny
“Whatever! Get outta my room!”
“Noo! Maybe you should throw me out
yourself.” Kenny replied folding his arms
across his chest.
“You didn’t even bother to…”
“Chillax…girlie, we can settle the scores
later, huh?” he tried to hug her again.
“I’m not a girl jor!” she pushed him away.
“Okay woman…errrm..sorry Lady can I get a
hug now?” Kenny laughed.
“That’s my girl…no sorry…that my lady..” he
“go jor!” Sasha laughed.
“not until I see our new family member.” he
Sasha laughed.
“That one? You’d never see her till
whenever Dad comes back in the evening…
always hiding in her room.”
“Is it Peace or Joy that’s her name…I can’t
wait to introduce myself to her.” Kenny
“Before you can say anything, She’ll start
forming ‘I too know’”
Imitates Joyce.
“…young man, I mind my business, and
you’d do yourself a great favour by
minding yours…”
“Nonsense! Is it not akproko that brought
her into this house? She shouldn’t just
provoke me o!” Kenny hissed.
“You’ll get to see her in the evening, when
dad is eatin with us- you’ll be here now?”
“I’m spending some days here…my bag is
in Kola’s room.” Kenny informed.
“Kenny noni! I love you jare.” she hailed.
“Sassy lockie-lockie, na you try pass, I love
you diieee!” He sang as they hugged each

To be continued


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