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once again, we say thank you and we ask you
to bless this food in Jesus name we pray…”
Williams prayed.
“Amen.” the whole family chorused.
Soon forks, spoons and knives were in the air,
taking the regular path to the mouth then back
to the plates.
“Hmmmm…looks yummy…” Kola salivated as he
uwrapped the moist banana leaves, revealing a
moist- steaming moin-moin.
“Yea, I love the scent of these leaves” Tunji
agreed, directing his fork towards Kemi’s lips.
She pushed his hands away roughly, wondering
if he’s lost his respect for her parents.
“Its been a long time, since we ate as one big
family.” Dapo noted, working his mouth.
“Yea…” Cassandra agreed
“Just that we’ve got an addition.” she winked at
Sasha, who did a thumb up.
“Addition? Kenny is a family member..” Kemi
spoke up, mouth ful.
“maybe she meant the omo Igbo sitting close to
me.” Kenny replied savouring some fried fish.
“kenny noni! Tell me why I shouldn’t love you!
Hian!”Sasha laughed out loud.
“Can we all keep quite, and observe some table
manners.” Barbra spoke up, she knew where
they were driving at. Joyce was beginning to
feel uncomfortable too.
“Aunty Kay, you aint eating?” Kola observed
ignoring his mother.
“You know all these pregnant women, they like
shakara too much.” Cassandra replied.
“Yea…shakara is meant for the ‘legally’ pregnant
ones.” Kenny added.
Williams coughed, he was decoding all the infos
they were trying to pass across.
“can someone pass me the palm oil sauce,
please.” Tunji spoke his eyes on his plate.
“Sure.” Sasha gave Kenny the bowl.
He attempted to pass it over Joyce’s head only
to let it drop, as expected the red-looking sauce
splattered all over Joyces’s cream-coloured
evening dress.
“Holly Molly!” she shrieked.
“Oops…oh my God! Sorry..sorry please o”
Kenny apologised, attempting to wipe off the
sauce, only to smear the dress with his already
stained hands.
” Stop it!” Joyce squealed, her lips quivered
“Kenny you must be out of your mind! What the
heck was that?” Kemi scolded, while Joyce
looked herself over, pitying herself
“But he said he’s sorry.” cassandra spoke up-
she cared less.
“Abi o!” Sasha pulled Kenny back to his seat.
“You both shut up! Now Kenny apologise
properly!” Kemi’s voice was rising.
“There’s no need for that…” Joyce said in a
teary voice.
“Sorry” Kola and Dapo chorused.
Even Barbra wanted to murmur some apologies,
but a sharp kick from Cassandra stoped her.
“That’s palm oil for you…it shows its beauty by
staining your dress.” Tunji chuckled.
“it aint a big deal, just let it slide ma’am, your
Moin-moin is cooling off.”
Joyce simply sighed picking up her fork, she
could feel Williams eyes on her. She wouldn’t
blame him, she got herself all that. She’s going
to talk to him, he should warn his daughter to
steer clear her path, else she’d be forced to
starngle her…
“Is that one cold? let me give you a fresh one.”
Dapo offered placing a wrapped moin-moin on
her plate, not minding Cassandra’s glare.
“You know what I don’t like ehn? How can a full
grown up be acting ‘l too know’” Sasha said to
no one in particular.
“Yes o! Must especially all those Oshi omo
Igbo” Kenny hissed.
“The Igbo’s I’ve come across are very nice o”
Tunji chirped doting on his wife.
“hmn! Then you’re lucky, the ones we have
around here are purely home breakers!” Kenny
said with spite.

“That’s so true my guy!” Sasha grunted.
“the both of should excuse us, since you’ve
finished eating.” williams instructed almost
“But..Big Daddy, we aint full yet!” Kenny
“Doesn’t matter! Now run off to your room!
Good night!” He said firmly.
“What about evening devotion?”
“Pray in your room! Good night!” Barbra
“Okay o…good night o” Sasha pulled herself up.
“God sees our heart o, we’ve done nothing
wrong o!” Kenny said pushing his half-eaten
food away.
The cutlery that flew towards their direction,
sent then running in different directions.
“Useless children!” Kemi fumed.
“Just let me catch you!”
“I thought you’ve changed her, she was so nice
when she came back.” Dapo stated.
“Yea, I guess Kenny just put on the flames
again” Kemi hissed.
“You aint a saint either, you just threw sharp
objects at them. ” Tunji chided, to the
amusement of others.
Joyce was fuming helplessly, it isn’t easy being
alone in the midst of people who think alike, its
seems nobody took those urchins seriously.
Barbra, Kemi, Dapo, and Kola were nice to her,
except Williams himself, those devish duos and
ofcourse the witch sitting across the table-
She’d handle them one after the other. She just
pray her baby turns out to be a male. The
thought of having a male child excited her.

To be continued


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