She was confused at first when they
introduced Baba to her as your father, Akin
offered; she was just looking at her dad
and Baba until I explained to her that you
just discovered your father recently and he
has come to shoe gratitude to her family
for their role in your life. But BJ, I like this
your Babe o! she did not give them an
answer, she insisted on speaking with you
first until her father asked her if you guys
are in a relationship and she said yes.
Then what happened? I asked
Your father jumped up and started to sing
and dance! Akin said
My God! Come here my love! I pulled
Yemisi closer and apologized for my
fathers behavior. I paid the bills of my drink
and we walked out of the Bar.
I am sorry for the embarrassment my love,
please I am very sorry! I was not prepared
for this at all that was why I ran, I did not
know how your dad would react. I should
have known that old man had some tricks
up his sleeves when he insisted we came to
Ibadan with other family members! He had
it all planned out! I tried to explain.
It is okay! She said; I was equally shocked
because you would have informed me
some how before bringing your family to
meet mine for marriage talk.

No! No! Far from it! I said, it was supposed
to be an appreciation visit! After I narrated
the role your father played in my life to my
new found dad, he insisted he must see
them! Of course I told him about you too, I
said you were still in school but I will wait
until you graduate. He said delay was
dangerous! He said we can get married
while you are still in school, I told him we
would need to discuss it and agree
together, I mean you and I. that was all we
discussed about you and I until he came
and embarrassed me. In fact my love, a lot
has happened in my life since the last time
we saw, it’s been about a year now abi?

To be continued


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