Wetin concern you? Cassie shot back. Na my
business abeg.
‘Better guys dey bring jewelry and other
things give their babes,
na book you dey find.’
‘Not all girls are the same.’ Courage spoke
‘Tell am oh! As if she be guide to how persin
suppose behave.’
‘Tah! Make I hear word. Tunji go bring better
‘Courage, where are you going?’ Cassie
asked, noticing that her
books were inside a bag and she was
dressed to leave the room.
‘I have a class by 6, so I want to leave early.’
‘But its just 4.30.’ Ade found his voice to
‘Hmnn, you no sabi Courage my dear, na
8pm she go come back.
Always going to the library as if her boyfriend
dey there.’
Comfort started.
‘Ehen, e no better the one wey you go go,
come come back by
10.’ Courage shot back.
Comfort was about to reply heran when
another knock came
through and Tunji, dressed in a T-shirt and
Jean Trousers came
‘Hi love.’ He said.
Comfort ran towards him like a magnet, as
Cassie and Courage
watched. Courage eyed Tunji for a bit before
facing her books, while Cassie and Ade
continued their talk.
‘Xup Cassie.’ Tunji said fluently, as Cassie
formed ‘fake blushes’.
‘Fine boy, how your side?’ She commented
while shaking his
outstretched hands. He also greeted Ade,
before saying a quick
hi to Courage. It was evident that Courage
disliked him.
Comfort applied her eye lashes and quickly
dragged Tunji away.
‘See your girls later.’ Tunji managed to say
before he was
dragged away by Comfort.
‘Courage, what do you have against Tunji?’
Cassie asked her
obviously busy roommate.
‘I don’t have anything against him, he just
looks a bit fishy.’
‘And a bit untrue.’ Ade added.
Hmn, Ade, do you know him?
‘Not that well, but I have seen him around
my hostel. He has this
carriage like that of a ‘yahoo’ boy and I don’t
trust him. Just hope
Comfort knows what she is doing.’
‘Ok o. I see him as a cool guy.’
‘As cool as me?’ Ade asked with a tinge of
‘Nooo, my love, I only have eyes for you. You
are the coolest guy
I know.’
‘Ok, loverbirds, I don dey waka. Close door
before una begin dey
smooch unaself for room.’
Ade opened his mouth wide as Cassie quickly
sent her roomie
out of the room, locked the door and walked
back to Ade.
‘What was that about?’
‘Don’t mind her, she always think that once a
guy and his
girlfriend are alone in a place, S£x is bound
to happen. Abi you
wan smooch me?’
‘Lol.’ He replied but his body language said
‘I don’t mind a kiss though,’ he said and
moved to kiss Cassie.
A knock came through the door.
Cassie wanted to ignore it and was going to
hold Ade’s bum-
bum when the knock came in again, pissing
off both of them.
‘Who wants to break the door?’ “Am Unclad
oh!”. Cassie said,
obviously trying to scare the person away.
“Jesus!” ‘Cassie, how many minutes did I
leave here and you are
Unclad already.’ Courage’s voice streamed in.
Cassie rushed to open the door, while Ade
was shaking his head,
knowing that the fun has ended.
‘Ehen! So you hot reach that level? Na God
talk say make I forget
my biro.’ Courage said as she entered and
eyed Ade.
‘No, its not like that, I wanted to scare the
person by saying that
am Unclad. Abi I resemble person wey just
‘sharpaly’ remove
‘Half of your b0s0ms are showing.’ Courage
replied while picking
her biro.
‘Sorry for spoiling your show.’ She mockingly
apologised to Aden
then she walked out.
‘I have to be going. ‘Ade suddenly said as
Cassie readjusted her

‘Why now, she has left, let’s talk a bit.’ She
offered, but he
declined politely, mentioned something about
a rehearsal he was
to go for and then went away.
Cassie spent the next hour wondering what
could have
happened, while taking a sneak look at the
book Ade got for her.
She then took a look at herself.
For a lady like herself, she was not doing
bad. Her parents, who
owned a large construction firm before they
died, made a will to
pass every of their shares to her, so that their
hold on the
company won’t be lost. Despite the many
appealing offers from
other shareholders, she refuse to sell the
shares, even when the
company recorded some losses. It was all
down to the
determination of her lawyer ( her parents
lawyer to be precise)
that she still held the company in her grasp.
Her parents wealth, coupled with her lovely
body that had a
waist-line that guys died for, a sizeable
backyard and frontage,
Sekxy hips and a beautiful face to complete
it, made guys chase
her everywhere. Her coursemates, her senior
students in school,
other guys from other departments. Even a
popular musician
tried his luck at her.
All failed, until she met Ade.
She remembered meeting him in the library,
on a particular seat
day after day. He spoke intelligently and
bidded his time by been
friends with her. They gisted and flowed as
the chemistry was
strong between them. When Ade proposed a
relationship, she
could not say no.
As she thought of all this, Courage entered
into the room.
With a man.

To be continued


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