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‘Ken, you dey funny eh, which one concern
you with that girl
now?’ Courage said, giggling along.
‘I can’t help but to laugh now, you need to
see the
embarrassment she suffered from those
Shame no even
allow am take him bag back.’ Ken continued.
He then noticed some guys watching from a
distance. From the
Archi studio to be precise.
His face showed concern, he however
changed it back to the
cheerful mien it had a few seconds ago, just
before Courage
could notice.
‘Erm, Courage, I need to check a friend at
Awo hall.’ He said
The guys watching were now calling a
‘Anything? you seem worried.’
‘Nothing jare. i just forgot something with
As Ken was trying to dismiss Courage, he
saw the guys walk
away as a bike carrying a lady stopped in the
car park right in
front of them.
The lady came down from the bike and
landed a ‘Thunder’ slap
on Kenneth.
‘There is the ‘holding’ style,’ Comfort said
using a bunk to
demonstrate. ‘The girl go just dey hold the
guy’s hand like say
them be dates already. Na so i see Courage
do with Bro Ken.’
‘Hmnn, you don give am name.’
‘Then there is the eye-lashes trick. The girl go
just dey do eye
like traffic light for school, turning on and
‘There is the ‘head on chest’ method and
finally there is the
‘Unclad down’ method for desperate cases.’
‘Or Desperate girls.’ Cassie thought to herself
Cassie phone started blinking and ringing,
showing a call from
She looked at it and saw Courage’s name.
‘So, Ken this is how you cheat on me with
cheap girls like this
one, eh Ken?’
‘Linda, she is just a friend, nothing serious.’
‘Indeed, she has been with you for two hours.
Two hours Ken!’
‘We read together.Stop been delusional,
Linda.’ It was really
beginning to annoy Ken.
‘Courage was getting angry, enough anger to
start burning her
‘So its this cheap ‘thing’ you want to read
with?’ Linda continued.
‘Hey, Hey, watch your mouth!’ Courage said
‘So the ‘thing’ has the a…….’
The rest of the statement was lost in two
quicksilver slaps
Courage sent to her.
‘See, am not your mate, nor am I after your
boyfriend, If you are
too deaf to listen to what he says, don’t be
too daft to understand
what am saying.’
‘Eh? You slapped me?’ Linda said before
attempting to slap
Courage. Courage, who have fought boys
before dodged her
attempt before kicking her on her b0s0ms.
Linda was down and
Courage pulled back.
‘ YEEH! You beat me?’ Linda stood up,
throwing sand to
Courage’s eyes before attacking her, with
Ken looking on,
‘Ok, Ok, am coming there now.’ Cassie ended
the call.
‘Wetin happen?’ Comfort asked.
‘Somebody dey fight Courage for Moremi Car
‘Eh? Oya make we dey go.’
Comfort said, dashing to the bathroom with
some clothes, before
emerging out in world record time with a
blouse and a knicker.
She then carried a pestle and approach
‘Wetin you wan use that one do?’
‘I wan pound the head of the i.diot wey dey
beat Courage.
Comfort said fuming. I dey enter Okada.’
Comfort dashed to Road One like a mad
woman chasing a man,
crossed it and stopped a bike. Cassie who
was some metres
behind called her name but could not stop
the bike from zooming
off with Comfort on it.
‘Na wa o.’ Cassie said to herself before
calmly crossing the road.

Courage stood with arm akimbo, looking
menacing. She had
some dust on her hair and her clothes were
a bit dirty, but she
was fine. Linda, on the other hand, had her
wig removed,
showing a bald head,richly reflecting the
sun’s glory,dust on her
body,a few cuts and a partially torn cloth.
‘This show of shame must never happen
again, do you
understand?’ The hall warden warned. ‘How
can two beautiful
ladies like you be fighting publicly over a man
that may not
marry any of you. Is any of you over thirty?
Am asking you.’ She
‘No ma.’
‘Then why are you fighting, instead of reading
your books and
becoming wonderful women in the future.
That is how some of
you disgrace womanhood in this country.’
Some onlookers
nodded their heads.
‘I must not hear of this again, you hear me?’
She dismissed them.
As the crowd dispersed, Ken bumped into a
‘Justus how far?’
‘Ken Da money? How are you?’
‘Justus how now?’ Courage greeted.
‘Iwe! Ken, you wan get 5 points for this
‘Na so oh!’
‘Wetin happen for here?’ Justus asked, after
noticing the
dispersing crowd.
‘Na wetin Linda cause oh!’
‘Linda again?’
‘She saw me with Courage, na so she come
dey insult am, fight
com start.’
‘E bad reach say hall warden come enter
matter, seperate them,
com warn them.’
‘Eyah,Courage no vex abeg. At least e no fit
worse reach that
Ken saw Comfort coming down from the
bike. ‘Justus, e fit enter
terrible now.’

To be continued


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