Kenny led the trembling Sasha to her room,
he was trembling too.
Kola who was drinking tea at the living
room, had prompted them immediately he
saw their father heading to Joyce’s room.
They ran towards the room with the aim of
eavesdropping while Kola hurried off the
Sasha had knocked and pushed the door
open when she got tired of trying to make
meanings, out of the meaningless words
she heard.
They were both shocked to the marrow,
that they could say or do nothing.
“You didn’t see anything, did you?” Kenny
asked Sasha who was quite.
She shook her head..
“Thank God.” he sighed, he wouldn’t want
Sasha seeing provocating scenes.
“So he didn’t repent afterall.” He stated.
Sasha simply nodded.
“Do you think we should tell?”
Sasha shook her head in response.
“no right? Your mummy might hype the
whole thing and threaten to leave again
right?” He asked again.
Sasha simply nodded.
“Oh please reply with your mouth! Stop
nodding and shaking your head like what I
don’t know!” Kenny snapped irritated.
“You’re up already?” Barbra walked into the
room without notice.
“Morn’in momma” Kenny greeted her
“How was your night?” she hugged Kenny,
then Sasha.
“You don’t look good…what wrong?” she
asked Sasha who was just staring at her.
Kenny swallowed hard, he wished he could
kick Sasha out of the zombie state she
transformed into. That girl shouldn’t let the
cat out of the bag.
“Kenny, whats wrong with her?”
“She complained of a mild headache.”
Kenny lied.
“Sasha? Ki lo de?” Barbra shook her.
Sasha snapped back to the present, tears
filled her eyes.
Kenny shuffled his feet. ‘God please shut
her mouth…atleast for now.’ he prayed.
“Mum…you believe I love you right?” Sasha
found her voice.
“No matter what, I really love you huh?”
“Yes my dear” Barbra hugged her, looking
“Mum, I truly love you, I really do! Even…
even…even if everybody won’t…” Sasha
whispered hugging her mother tightly.
“I love you too.” Barbra patted her back
giving Kenny a questioning look.
“Mum, Sasha said she aint hungry and
Kenny said he won’t eat without her.” Kola
announced taking his seat at the dinning.
“Whats wrong with these kids? They’ve
been acting strange since morning.” Barbra
complained to her husband.
“The table is so empty, I wish Brother Dapo
and Cassie were here.” Kola pouted.
Williams glanced at Joyce who was busy
working her mouth, then back at his wife
who was dishing his food, he felt his heart
“Don’t worry, I’ll go talk to them, after the
meal.” He assured his wife.
“Kola eat your food, ” he instructed before
turning to glare at Joyce who was
chuckling silently.
He was going to deal with her separately-he
Williams hardly finished his plate of
wheatmeal before rushing off to Sasha’s
room. He met them sitting on the tiled
floor, hands-supporting chins like some
troubled souls.
He pulled a stool,sitting before them an
accused awaiting judgement.
“Can we talk…about what happened in the
“Hmmm” Kenny sighed
“What happened is not what you think…”
Williams said knowing that was a foolish
“I’m sorry.” he added, scolding himself for
acting as a slowpoke.
“That’s good. Apology accepted. And we
promise to tell no one.” Kenny waved him

“Sasha?” he nudged her to speak.
“I might look like a fool, but I’m not one.”
Sasha said without caution.
“are you this wicked?” she looked her
Father in the face.
“You want mum to die of heart attack?”
“I didn’t go there to…”
“Save it!” Sasha snapped.
“what kind of life are you leading us into?
You’re acting like this, what do you expect
Dapo, Kola or even Kenny to do in their
own homes? Or if Kemi’s husband decides
to bring another woman home? Or Cassie
decides to go sleeping around with married
men or I too decide to get pregnant for a
married man cos afterall ‘dad does the
same, he aint a saint too’ ?” Sasha spoke
like she was reading from a book.
“You could recall me telling you weeks ago,
how much I hate you?” she took a deep
“I can’t bear your mistress’ presence
anylonger, its sickening.” she made a face.
“I want that Sluut out of this house before
the end of this week.” she ordered.
“And failure to do that leads to me telling
mummy all I saw and me throwing Joyce
out myself.” she snapped her fingers in
“Sasha?” Kenny shook her.
“You’re talking to your father!” he warned
“you can get her an apartment then go
there to sleep with her and do all manner
of rubbish! Stop corrupting my innocent
mind pulleease!” she concluded walking
briskly to her bathroom.

To be continued


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