It was a dull, drizzling morning; different
kind of automobiles splashed through the
water accumulated on the tarred roads,
with mostly motorists moving at high
speed not minding the slippery roads.
Micheal was one of them, he sped at a
limit too high for a road full of potholes,
with the headlights on and wipers flicking
left and right; he cared less. That ride was
his third in two years, he always got a new
one as soon as he smashed the former,
courtesy of his ever-nagging mother.
A light blue Nissan sped past him splashing
the muddy water on his posh ride, he
glowered at the occupant. His anger
increased when he saw that the occupant
was a female, he’s never had a soft spot
for females not after the numerous heart
breaks he suffered. The only females he
liked and cared for was his mother and of
course Sasha, talking about Sasha… Was
she actually a friend? Perhaps they just
knew each other.
He shrugged as he stopped the wipers, its
stopped raining. A small rusted signboard
caught his attention, he quickly glanced at
the business card he was holding in
between his finger.
That must be the street- he thought
swerving car to the side of the road.
“Next time use the ‘signal’ mumu!” An
angry Motorcyclist shouted as he sped past
“Signal?” Micheal scoffed as he drove
slowly into the street.
The street was filled with gravel’ from one
end to the other, thanks to that;else he’d be
struggling with potholes.
“Like I’ve seen that before.” he thought
aloud as he drove past a Oak tree. He gave
up trying to remember when, cos it seems
a maze was covering ‘thinking faculty’.
He pulled up close to a duplex, glancing at
the business card then back to the
“This should be Sasha’ house nao.” he said
looking more confused.
“Or is Mr Williams her neighbour?” he
asked scratching his stuble.
“Who I dey pine?” A tiny looking man clad
in a brown kaftan-the gateman asked, as
Micheal got out of his car.
“This is Number 14B right?” Micheal asked
assuming the man before him was the gate
“Eh mana! Na me be the gateman, who I
dey pine?” the gate man asked again.
“Errm…please Mr Williams lives here?”
“Yes, who I be?” The gate man asked
“My name is Micheal, I need to see him.”
“Okay, I hope I no be that small- small boys
coming to my Oga children ko?” The gate
man asked letting him in.
“I’ve been here before.” Micheal smiled. He
was there to see Sasha months ago, just
“Ehen! I no recognise me nao.” The
gateman laughed.
Micheal held the ofice file tightly while the
other free hand pressed the door bell
“Hold on! Do you wanna weaken the
battery?” a female voice snapped, whilst
turning the keys.
Micheal smiled, he knew that voice, even in
the dream land, no two person’ had that
“Good morning.” he said still smiling as
Sasha opened the door.
“Hi…” Sasha stuttered. Taking a
quick glance behind her she whispered;
“Mike I told you my parent don’t want me
bringing male visitors home.”
“I actually came to see Mr Williams, I don’t
know if he leaves here.”
“Williams? My father? What for?”
“he is your father? Wow…my father works
for him too.” Micheal said suprised.
“oh yes…your father came few days ago to
see him too.” Sasha said still holding the

“Sasha who’s at the door?” williams voice
“Erm..I… Come in.” Sasha stuttered letting
the fretful Micheal in.
“Good morning sir!”
“Morning young man.” Williams replied.
“I’m Micheal and I’m here to…”
“Maybe you should sit down first.” Williams
gestured to a sofa.
Sasha exchanged quick glances with her
siblings and they filed towards the dining
section. That venue would be good enough
for them to hear ‘everything’ Micheal and
their father said.
“You invited him again?” Cassandra asked
“Then what’s he doing here? Now dad’s
home…what are you gonna explain?”
Cassandra continued accusingly.
“Can’t you gerrit? She said she didn’t invite
him” kenny snapped.
“Dad’s gonna roast your bum in mum’s
oven.” Kola chirped.
“I tell you! Sasha is gonna see pepper.”
Cassandra said shaking her head.
“why don’t mind your business and leave
me alone? Amebo!” Sasha retorted, looking
“Would you-kids lower your voice please,
I’ve got an important discussion here.”
Williams boomed from the living room.
They fell silent, each one straining their
ears to here the on going discussion.

To be continued


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