Disclaimer; Na beg and pleading I dey
take beg una. Please this is not real it is
fiction, eh e ma lo koba mi oh(don’t put
me in trouble). Eh en! I have said my
own now. This is all fiction, even the
artist, I’ll change his name.
Bloggers this isn’t real abeg I no want
wahala oh.
Copyright; please if you like this story
and u want to use it abeg pm me, awon
copy and paste, please.

Sophia leaned on the chair, and eyed her
image facing her. She sighed as she
tried to adjust the newly purchased
Peruvian wig, that was arm length, she
then looked at her dress, it was the
latest fashion and style if you were the
small b—m type. Empire waist line that’s
what the sales lady called it, it was
gorgeous. It hugged her body and
flowed to her feet. He was going to drool
She stood and walked to the standing
mirror opposite her bed. She looked at
the dark chocolate skinned girl, she was
tall for her age and she remembered
when she was in primary school, her
nickname was chooba, the long thin
chocolate sweet loved by her
She had grown but to her dismay in
height and her hips. She tried as much
as possible to hide her hips, her
coursemates often teased her that she
was rivaling Kim Kardashian.
She sighed and looked around for the
gold wedge sandals, she bought for the
occasion. She slipped it on, with a smile
as she remembered how she met Gabriel
Yes her one and only boyfriend, who
held the key to her heart and she had
fallen for him during her gce exams.
They met at the centre, he went to
accompany a friend who was writing the
exams. He was already in his second
year and bam it was love at first sight.
Now they had waited long enough, she
was done with school, she was waiting
for her deployment to NYSC.
He had encouraged her to do her
marketing degree at university of
Nsukka. And he was ever attentive and
helpful. She had introduced him to her
parents and friends even her roommates
knew him.
He worked in a booming architectural
firm and he had a house in Lagos. Well
she had come back to Lagos. Thanks to
her father’s connection, she knew she
was posted here.
Enough school matters, today was their
six year anniversary. All her friends
envied her, as to how she could get a
man who would stick by her all through
the years and yet not ask for back
She picked her handbag, as she applied
a new coat of lipgloss and blew a kiss to
the mirror.
She was going to make this anniversary
very memorable, she had gotten a
beautiful package for him and when
she’d get to his house. She’d make his
best food. After all they say the way to a
man’s heart is his stomach.

She got out of her room humming
happily and went down the stairs after
saying goodbye and telling her dad
where she was off to. She went out, the
day was beautiful, she would stop at the
market to get some more ingredients.
Sophia was overjoyed, when she saw his
car. “Good he’s at home, he must be
sleeping, they overwork him at that
place.” she said, as she entered the
living room. She had the key, she went
to the kitchen and started cooking. She
sang happily, a woman in love.
She decided to wake him up, it was
already seven in the evening. She set up
the food and some romantic candles.
She dimmed the light, humming to
herself, she went to his bedroom.
Not even bothering to knock. She
opened the door.
Lo and behold, she met Funke, her best
friend on top of her boyfriend. She
screamed and ran out. Gabriel struggled
out of the bed but Funke held him down.
He eyed her and wore his trousers
hurriedly, Sophia didn’t wait, she walked
towards her things. She wasn’t in a right
state of mind. She felt like burning his
house down, but when she heard him
calling her name, she ran out and
decided never to come back.
Sophia was a shadow of herself, she
was lost, her only hope, her joy, her life
it was lost.
She avoided her parents and siblings,
she ignored her phone. She was tired
and she began contemplating suicide.
What was wrong with her? Maybe it was
because he believed she was naive since
she never allowed him to touch her.

To be continued


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