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Or maybe the side chicks matter was what
kept him from complaining. She sat in her
worn out jeans and food stained shirt, she
even ignored the emails that her university
sent her. She was tired of this life, so this
was love.
Hmm. She began sobbing, to put herself in
a worse condition, she had been playing
adele’s songs on her mp3 till it died.
She began weeping for the player and then
she started crying at her foolishness.
She was like that for two weeks, till her
friends Georgina and Vanessa, the twins
that were her childhood friends came to
see her.
Ness was appalled at her state and they
began operation “recuperate from breakup”.
They took her out, they went to see movies
and advised her to move on and stop
moping before the NYSC came.
“Look babe, I know what you need.” Sophia
looked at Ness with anxiety, “Relax, just
chill and lets get you ready. There’s a new
club with free drinks for the ladies.” Ness
added with a wink.
“Ness chill ko, ice block ni. You are saying
she should go to club 98 in Bariga abi?
Eh…” Gina shouted at her twin.
“Shut up, what do you know, baby! For
your info, em Dugbs boy is going to
perform.” Ness said happily, as the two
girls sat up. Gina was suddenly
smiling.”Why did you not say something
eh? And see what I’m wearing. This girl
you are evil.” Gina eyed her twin.
They all agreed to go even if it was to see
the handsome musician.
Ness was already dressed in a dark blue
body con knee length dress. She was
typing on her phone furiously as her twin
helped her with her makeup.
“Ness which one is it that you are typing
and pressing your phone like that, is there
a problem.” Gina asked her, as she tried
moving her neck to apply the blush.
“Yes oh, they have sent batch B oh, that
means tomorrow we have to leave.” Ness
said sadly, as she continued typing like she
was furious.
“tomorrow? I thought it wasn’t until next
week.” Gina dropped her brush and folded
her arms across her chest. She was an
embodiment of African style and culture.
She never went to university after her
secondary school, instead to the dismay of
her parents. She went to study Fashion
and Design in France, then did her intern as
a African designer and makeup artiste.
She was now a self employed designer
although she still did a part time
programme in business and finance.
She was the fairer between herself and
Ness. But Ness was the beauty queen, she
was light but not like Gina. They both
possessed two things that made them
stand out.

Firstly was their love for fashion, their craze
made the likes of famous celebrities drool.
Anyway their parents could afford it, be it
Gucci or Dior or Victoria Beckham.
Although now Gina was all for African
designs, she travelled whenever she had a
break to her design houses in south Africa,
Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana.
She had contacts almost everywhere she
went, she was a hard working girl. And she
loved her job.
Secondly was their voice and eyes, many
people claimed they had a voice box
operation, as if it were possible. They
sounded so seductive even when they were
innocent and little. This gave their parents
a lot of concern as people always called
them aside to get rid of their daughters
“bedroom voice”. Then their eyes were
strangely cat like, light brown too and
people often wondered if they had surgery.
As if surgery could make such eyes.
“Look sit down there. After the party, I have
to pack and also call Sophia to stop crying
and start packing. She should stop
worrying over that tart, Funke and her
useless ex. She is still young and
beautiful.” Ness said, as she stood abruptly
trying to balance on the killer heels she put
Gina smirked and said “Sha don’t fall, Miss
i want dugbsy boy to notice me.”
Ness stuck out her tongue childishly and
started taking selfies.
“hmm selfie queen. Okay oh. I want to go
and dress up too oh.”Gina said, as she left
her sister who was still taking pictures.

To be continued


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