“Wow you are looking hot.”Ness yelled
happily, as she caught Sophia coming
down the stairs. Gina gave her a big smile
that said that-is-my-girl.
Sophia ignored her mom’s knowing look,
and she hugged her friends happily, after
jumping around for a few minutes, they all
“Bae you are looking hot. I’ll say it again.”
Ness said as she took in, the leopard
pattern halter dress and gold heels, her
friend paired the daring dress with small
earrings and she showed off her punk
“Lets go jare.” she said, after catwalking
around the room. She loved the dress, it
was one of a kind, it hid her defects and
balanced her shape. Her mom got it on her
twentieth birthday when she was
complaining about her body.
To anyone she had the perfect hourglass
figure and she knew that it was a knock
They left the house chatting expectantly
about their outing and the service
programme they were going to.
They left in Gina’s car to the club,
anticipating the best night of their lives.
They arrived at the club, it was brimming
with ladies, the news was everywhere and
even the parking lot was filled. Everyone
wanted a glimpse of the artist or maybe a
handshake, it wouldn’t hurt if a hug would
be thrown in.
It looked like it was an exclusive ladies
night, some guys followed their girlfriends
in order to prevent them from falling further
from them after seeing the artist in reality.
As they queued, Sophia heard a guy
whisper to his friend, that he was missing a
major La liga match all because of his girl.
She giggled and sighed, she loved the
attention, she thrived on it. Her long legs
were catching stared here and there and
she was sure that with her friends, this was
going to be fun.
The bouncers were twice the normal
numbers and size, there were reporters and
cameras flashing. An impromptu red carpet
all for one person.
At this Sophia got pissed off, as much as
she vyed for attention, this was too much.
Her legs ached and she couldn’t wait to get
a nice chilled glass off rich wine.
She ignored her friends who were still
engrossed with the camera and went in.
One look from the bouncer told her, he
definitely liked what he saw. He passed her
in and she entered the high class club. She
thought it was meant for places like VI, why
She took in swirling lights, expensive club
chairs and the dancehall was like a scene
from a movie. She went to the bar and
ordered her drink, the man gave her a look
of approval and served her.
She was sipping her drinks and gauging
the crowd. The place was fully air
conditioned or else, it would be
uncomfortable as people were already

She eyed her drink, this was delicious, it
was soothing and then she stood like a
predator. She had watched her friends go
cougar and hunt. She knew every skill, but
because of her darling boyfriend she
couldn’t use them.
She sat on an overstuffed settee,
she sighted her friends already dancing like
crazy. She raised her glass as they came
towards her.
“Babe, I heard he is here.” Ness said
exasperatedly, as she sat next to her and
ordered a drink from the waiter.
“I sincerely don’t care. I came here to relax
all this fuss over one man. Please how
many albums has he released. All these gra
gra. I’m here to enjoy myself. I can’t kill
myself.” she said, as she danced to the
new song the dj played.
Guys were moving everywhere, trying to get
weekend flings. She threw a menacing
stare, she wasn’t a club girl.
Her friends shrugged and left to dance,
soon the dj announced that the artist
dugbsy boy was in the house.
She hissed and continued looking around,
she felt the oozing sensuality jumping from
the stage.

To be continued


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