“No, this is not what you want.” he said
shaking his head.
“Please I want this, no one wants me,
please.” she said as she held his arm.
“I don’t…” he was stopped as she kissed
him. He pulled her away, “are you sure
about this?” he asked again.
“Yes.” she said, as she gave him a lazy
He didn’t say anything, but his speed told
her he was more than up for it. She smiled
happily as their fingers were entwined.
She felt nervous and anxious but she
ignored it as she got to his house and he
took her to his house.
“Are you sure this is what you want? I don’t
want a assault case filed against me.” he
said, as they stood beside his front door.
She couldn’t really see his face but the
sincerity in her voice almost made her turn
“I’m ready for this. I’m ready to go with
you.” she said, as she leaned in to kiss
* * * * * *
“hmm. Where am I?” Sophia yawned and
sat up, the room was beautiful. And it
looked like a hotel, “wait oh, when did she
lodge in a hotel?” she looked at herself and
almost screamed. She was Unclad, and she
looked at her side there was a man. A man,
what was he doing beside her?
Then all of yesterday’s events and regrets
rushed to her memory. She remembered
how he had cautioned her but her alcohol
induced state misled her. She tried to
entangle herself from the man who slept
like a baby. She didn’t even know who she
slept with, his face was blurred and it was
at night. She managed to stand and saw
her underwear, they were irredeemable.
She managed to salvage her dress, before
she decided to even look at the man.
To her shock and surprise, her eyes noted
the full hair, his dimples and his face. She
started crying inside, she was shaking as
she almost fell down.
She hurriedly picked her purse, and bolted
out of the room, she didn’t stop until she
got to the stairs and then the front door.
She went to the gate, the gateman thought
she was mad as she told him to open the
gate. She walked barefoot and her phone
was already out of battery. She found
N2000 in her purse and hailed a taxi to get
her to her house.
When she got home, she was lucky her
parents were not around, she started
charging the dead phone and used her
other one to call Ness.
“Bae, where have you been? We searched
everywhere. I thought you were kidnapped.”
Ness yelled angrily.
“Sorry, I met a guy and things just went
haywire.” she apologized.
“Haywire? Okay then. Hope you’ve packed
your things because we are going in five
minutes.” Ness said, Sophia grew anxious.
“Please give me fifteen minutes.” she said
pleading. Which kind of mess had she got
herself into?
“Whatever don’t delay me sha?” Ness said
Suddenly Sophia wished Gina was going
with them.
“Are you ready?” she heard Ness call her
out, she looked out from her window.
“Yes, I’m coming.” she said, as she wore
her clothes hurriedly. She dragged the
heavy suitcase the maid Nkiru, had packed

She removed her phone from the charging
point, and dialed her mom’s number as she
went outside.
Their house was a modest two storey
building, unlike the huge duplex that Ness
and Gina lived in. She loved the house, she
would miss her family. Her three younger
brothers were in boarding school.
Her mom was already talking on the phone.
“Osiso? What is it? Why are you calling
now.” she heard the strain in her voice.
“Ma, I just called to say I was going,I…”she
was cut by Ness waving her hands
frantically for her to hurry up.
“Do you want to speak to your father?” her
mother asked.
“Yes ma.” she heard the sigh, and then the
sound of someone walking into a room.
“Papa, is that you?” she asked, as she
allowed Ness’ driver to take her luggage
and she entered the car.
“hmm, my baby, why did you call this
early? I thought you had agreed to stay
with the Nwaifos.” he said gruffly.
Immediately she felt bad, this was six in the
morning and she was already waking her
parents from their sleep on their vacation.
“Yes papa, I just wanted to tell you that I
was going.” she said, as the driver eased
the car out of the house.
Silvanus, the gate man waved at her and
she nodded her head.
“Okay then, but remember all I’ve told you,
biko don’t disgrace me, you know you are
the jewel of the family.” he said.
“Yes papa, I remembered everything and I
won’t let you down.” she said gritting her
“Okay, hmm, Nne ‘Maka, are you not telling
your daughter goodbye.” she heard her
father say to her mother but she knew her
mom would ignore him.
“Papa, leave her alone. Let her sleep. Enjoy
yourself.” she said, smiling to herself as
she cut the phone.

To be continued


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