Is Wrestling Real or Fake? True WWE and Impact Insider Answers to Pro-wrestling Fights and Injuries

Pro-wrestling Real or Fake

Wrestling is one of the most followed sporting activities across the world. However, one question that keeps popping up is – “is wrestling real or fake?” While everyone expects a yes or no answer, the truth remains, it depends on what you call real or fake. One fact to note is that most of the time, injuries and stunts are real, but the results are pre-determined.

Wrestling is not just about the “brave” stunts and hate within the ring, but a well plotted series of compelling storylines, extreme moments, and cultural complexities.

Below, a professional wrestler and journalist gives us some the most secret happenings behind the scenes of pro-wrestling.

Kinds of Wrestling

There are various physical activities still tagged “wrestling”. However, here we won’t be talking about the Greco-Roman wrestling you might have seen at the Olympics or in Foxcatcher, where wrestlers try to pin each other to the mat.

Also, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which is a mixed martial arts competition that features people employing whatever fighting style they like is not the centre of focus today.
Origin of Modern Wrestling
Today’s wrestling evolved from “catch wrestling”, a combat sport combining elements of Greco-Roman and European grappling.

Along the lines, promoters gradually realised that they could make more money if they could start influencing elements of the game to create stars and build anticipation for matches.

So, is wrestling Totally fake?

No, wrestling is not fake, but scripted.

Wrestling organizers have so far spent years pouring energy into extending the illusion of a legitimate competition. It reached a point where rivals were forbidden from travelling together between shows.

This made it super awkward when mortal enemies Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the Iron Sheik were arrested while travelling in the same car in 1987. (They were arrested for drug possession, not for breaking “kayfabe”.
‘kayfabe’ Meaning
Kayfabe refers to the web of illusion that disguises the contrived elements of wrestling.
Giving away results, publicly appearing out of character or writing articles like this, spoils that illusion and reveals the inner workings of wrestling to outsiders — or breaking kayfabe.

Reason for the Whole Illusion

The original idea was that punters would be more likely to buy tickets and emotionally invest in the wrestlers if they thought the competition was real.

Rigging matches and constructing storylines raises the stakes — but the more you mess with the legitimacy of the competition, the harder it becomes to maintain the illusion of that legitimacy.
As the characters and storylines became more outlandish, the pretence to legitimacy was abandoned and today, the world’s biggest wrestling promotion — the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) — has openly admitted that its wrestlers are performers engaging in storylines.

But the deception dies hard and wrestling struggles to overcome the stigma of its sporting pretence and be accepted for its theatrical reality.

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