‘no, i’m not’ Alice muttered weakly suddenly
feeling sleepy.
Angela became afraid. She didnt know
what to do.
‘then what exactly is wrong with you? Talk
to me Alice’ she panted nervously.
Alice felt her eyes closing without her
permission. The more she tried to open it,
the more it closes on its own.
‘oh my God. Blindness or death?’ she said
weakly then passed out.
‘Alice! Alice!!! Alice!! Somebody help me,
Alice please wake up!’ Angela screamed in
Kofo rushed out immediately.
‘Jesus!’ she screamed and ran to her.
‘my dear! My dear, please wake up please,
my dear, please dont die, please’ Kofo said
as tears flowed from her eyes.
Then with fury in her eyes, she grabbed
‘what have you done to my daughter? What
have you done to her?!’ Kofo screamed.
Angela shook. Was she going to take the
blame for something she knew nothing
about? Certainly not!
‘i have done nothing to Alice ma. Believe
me, we were just thinking of how to open
this suitcase when all of a sudden, she
complained of being weak, believe me ma,
i’m innocent’ Angela said sweating
‘what suitcase?’ Kofo asked temporarily
forgetting about Alice.
Scared, Angela pointed to the suitcase that
Alice was still holding tight surprisingly.
Kofo looked at it for a while.
‘where did she get it from?’ Kofo asked.
‘your…your room’ Angela stammered.
‘my room? You liar!’ Kofo said slapping
Angela hard on the face. ‘i’ve been in my
room ever since i returned from the funeral
and no one entered my room not even my
hisband’s ghost not to talk of collecting
something and meanwhile, there’s nothing
like this in my room. Speak the truth befor i
hand you over to the police and charge you
for murder!!!’ Kofo said in anger.
‘ma, i swear with my life and that of my
poor mother’s, i have no hand in all of
these, Alice met me in my room and we
requested we clean up oga’s personal room
since he was dead. We went there and it
was locked then she said she was going to
ask you, then she went to your room and
came out with the suitcase but it was
passcoded. As we were trying to figure it
out, she complained of being weak and
passed out, i swear ma, i’m innocent!’
Angela cried peeing on her skirt.
‘what are you even saying!!!!’ Kofo said
pushing her with great force.
‘i swear i will kill you if anything happend to
my daughter!’ Kofo said rushing in to get
her car keys.

Alice saw herself swimming in the sky, she
was in the world she had never been to.
She felt she had wings now. She saw
herself flying in the sky, being free like a
bird with no worries at all.
Then she saw the ghost of her late father.
‘father!!’ she screamed and flew towards
him in an attempt to hug him but he
stopped her.
‘dont!!’ he said.
‘dad’ she called surprised.
‘Alice, the passcode you need is 3312.
Everything you need to know is in that
suitcase. Everything that i have lived for
and every single attrocity that i have
committed all my life’ he said.

To be continued


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